Technology And Online Safety


Technology is incredible! Just think about how far we’ve come over even the last few years. You likely walk around with something in your pocket that’s more powerful than the computer that first sent men to the moon! It’s never been easier to communicate, learn and understand than it is today and that’s awesome.

But there’s always a downside. Technology can present risks, and it’s important to be aware of them so that they can be avoided. The last thing you want is a beloved piece of tech to lead to something awful happening. It’s important to know how to stay safe in the world of modern, digital technology.


Get Some Serious Passwords


I know it can be a pain to remember passwords but trust me, that’s a small price to pay for security. These days there’s no excuse for having a simple password that’s the same for every service you use. It might be tempting to make it something familiar so that you can remember it but that just makes it easier to hack.


Putting your name, birthday or any other personal information in your password just leaves the door open to criminals. Make sure it’s at least six to eight characters long and includes plenty of numbers and punctuation. And no, having ‘password’ as your password was never smart or funny.


Keep An Eye On Who’s Calling


We’re all pretty attached to our phone. Sometimes it feels like we might even be glued to them! But don’t let that comfort let you get suckered into a large number of scams that are out there. Scams used to be pretty easy to spot. Let’s face it unless you’re pretty darn gullible you were never going to send any money to a Nigerian prince. But these days scammers are getting smarter.

They use the correct jargon and include the names of official sounding businesses. It’s almost enough to be convincing. Make sure you’ve got a spam filter set up and if you receive any suspicious looking email then Google the company to see if it’s legitimate. It’s also worth signing up for a cell phone directory so that you can trace any numbers you don’t recognize to make sure they’re authentic.


Stay Up To Date

Having security software installed is great, but it won’t do you much good if it’s five years out of date. Hackers and scammers are usually pretty good with technology; it’s their business to be. They’re always working to outwit security software and find new ways to access your information.

By making sure that your security and antivirus programs are up to date as often as you can, you can be sure that you’re always one step ahead of the scammers. You should also shop around for software. There are usually much better alternatives than the one that comes with your operating system.

Technology has opened the entire world to us but security should be your top priority!

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