healthy childrenUseful Tips For Healthy Children

More parents than ever are concerned about hygiene when it comes to their kids. And while it’s vital we all do our bit to promote healthy hygiene habits to our children, not everyone is aware of the full facts. This post will go through some of the essential things you might have missed, and give you the full facts behind little ones and cleanliness.

It’s a big deal

According to the World Health Organization, there were almost 6 million under-5 deaths in 2015 – and a quarter of them could have been prevented by reducing environmental risks. Of course, many of those deaths occurred in developing countries, where sanitation and water supplies aren’t as effective as over here in the west. But climate change, air pollution, and hazardous chemicals are all significant contributors, too, including in this country.

Asthma is on the rise.

The WHO also points out that breathing conditions like asthma are definitely on the increase. Well over one in ten children aged 5 and over report symptoms of asthma, and again, outdoor and indoor pollution are often to blame. Also, be aware that damp and mold in the home are other key contributors, so those patches of moisture on the walls of your home need to be sorted out sooner, rather than later.

healthy children

Germs aren’t necessarily bad.

However, there is a slight issue with being overly hygienic. The human body is covered in bacteria. It’s entirely natural, and trying to keep your healthy children germ-free is not just an impossible task, it could be harming them, too. If your home and lifestyle are too clinical and too hygienic, your kids are more likely to develop asthma and other conditions like eczema. A little grubbiness is good for the health!

Child’s equipment is a primary culprit.

All the stuff you buy for your healthy children to keep them entertained and safe are often incredibly unhygienic. Toys, playpens, and even your baby seats are all big culprits. So, be careful what you buy for your children. For example, the best high chair for hygiene is one that is easy to clean and wipe down and doesn’t have a lot of little nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. Similarly, it’s worth washing your little one’s favorite toys once or twice a week – you can put them in a cotton gym bag and use your washing machine to ensure all the nasty germs are killed.

healthy children

The five-second rule exists – kind of!

Finally, some people believe in the five-second rule, and others don’t. But science sits somewhere in the middle. According to research, the faster you pick things up off the floor, the fewer bacteria it will contain. However, it depends on the type of food, and the type of surface it lands on. Bacteria are more likely to be picked up from surfaces like carpets, and if the food is moist, it’s also more likely to contain bacteria. In short, while you should never encourage your healthy children to pick things up off the floor within the five second period, you don’t need to have a panic attack about it.


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