Luxury Wedding Details You Won’t Want To Miss

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Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

How To Plan A Luxury Wedding Effortlessly

Weddings invoke so many emotions. Happiness, joy, accomplishment and stress are all rolled up in taffeta and buttonholes. When you begin planning your luxury wedding, you set up the bare bones of it with the church, the reception and the date you want everything to kick off. With all the organization that you will be involved in, it’s easy to forget some of the little details involved. It’s also easy to miss out on some total luxuries that you should really be looking into!

Luxury is part of the wedding nametag and there are plenty of these to be had on the biggest day of your life. There are plenty of websites dedicated to wedding mood boards like this one but you need to really think outside the box. What luxury items could you include in your luxury wedding day so you can ensure an unforgettable experience?

Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

Capturing Memories

Videographer: Everyone hires a professional photographer for their wedding photos, but hiring a videographer is a whole other ball game. Having someone film your new husband’s reaction as you walk up the aisle allows you to experience that moment over and over. Your family can leave messages for you in a forever film that you can watch back on every anniversary you have. As the older members pass away, you’ll have a memento with you forever.

Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

Arrive In Style

Limousine: Sure, you could dress up your dad’s car with white ribbon and have him take you to the church to give you away, or you could hire professional limousine services to pick you and your bridal party up from the house and drive you to your venue in style. Bentley’s may be the car of choice, but you can fit your entire team of bridesmaids in the back of a limo and you’ll also be able to enjoy wedding photos taken in sleek, pristine conditions. It’s a little luxury you can’t afford to miss!

Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

Get Up And Dance

Live Band: A DJ is a wedding staple and those cheesy 80’s rock hits can be played out to your wedding party. Or, you could go the extra mile and hire a live wedding band. Jazz, pop or rock, whatever your style you could enjoy music to dance to that wasn’t played by Abba!

Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

Love In Bloom

Fresh Flowers: Considering how expensive weddings can be, it’s common for people to go for fake or silk flowers for all arrangements besides the bouquet. By adorning your church and venue in fresh, exquisite sprays of flowers, you’ll be able to bathe your guests in scent. They can also be kept and dried, then pressed for a beautiful finish to be framed.

Luxury Wedding Details You Won't Want To Miss

The Perfect Symbol Of Your Love

The Rings: Your engagement ring was likely sentimental, expensive and beautiful. Your wedding band should match that and you should have a set that matches perfectly. Don’t skimp on the wedding rings, as you’ll be wearing these for the rest of your life.

Enjoy luxury details for your wedding day and expand on the list we’ve given you by checking out how you can make your luxury invitations here. Plan your luxury wedding to perfection and have a day to remember.

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Great post! Loved how you have neatly listed the intricacies. I do believe a good budget planning can help as well. As such, it’s those “several” small expenses that starts taking a toll on your pocket. Being thorough with budget plan can save a lot of stress. There are several blogs on range based budget plans. Giving a quick read might help.

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