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Navigating Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, nips and tucks… in the last twenty years, such procedures have only continued to rise. Yes, we know more than half of Hollywood has ‘had something done’ but what about us regular bods who have cosmetic worries too?

Cosmetic procedures are a lot more common than you probably think. Some people are very anti-surgery, some are pro-surgery, and others don’t give two hoots what you do with your own body and face! Whichever side of the fence you sit on, today we’re entering the world of the plastic fantastic and taking a look at some of the most popular nip and tucks.


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Cosmetic Procedures


Breast Augmentation

Breast implants remain the most popular form of cosmetic surgeries. But have you ever wondered when the first breast enlargement was carried out?



It was only in 1962 that Texan housewife Timmie Jean Lindsey underwent the first boob job. Nearly sixty years later, this popular form of surgery has come on leaps and bounds. Breast augmentation is now used on those who want both bigger breasts and smaller breasts.

It is also incredibly beneficial for cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy. The UK tops the board when it comes to going under the knife for breast enlargement, with the US coming in second. If you are interested in getting breast implants do meticulous research to find the most reputable surgeon.

Make sure they carry out 3D imaging and always look at photos of their breast implants before and after. And choose a surgeon who practices natural aesthetic enhancements rather than over the top larger than life boobs.




Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, remains one of the five most popular cosmetic surgeries to be carried out. And it actually has a long history dating back to India 800 BC. Although it wasn’t until the 1930’s in Hollywood, that rhinoplasty purely for aesthetics took off. The fact is that noses, bang in the center of your face, just don’t go unnoticed.

People who are incredibly unhappy with their nose often opt for rhinoplasty to reduce the size, straighten a crooked nose or eliminate any bumps. Rhinoplasty can also be used for medical reasons to correct a deviated septum. For cosmetic purposes, a good nose job can really help to enhance your features. And if your nose causes you low self-esteem, this surgery can be life changing. The procedure is carried out by either making a small incision inside your nose or making an incision across the bridge of your nose.

Nostrils can be narrowed, noses can be broken and straightened, and narrower bridges can be created. Always choose a skilled and reputable surgeon, and if you know someone who had a good nose job already, ask for the name of their doctor!      



From Michael Douglas to Madonna and Jane Fonda to Sharon Osbourne, there is many a celebrity who is defying their age with a little nip and tuck of the face.

A rhytidectomy  (commonly known as a facelift) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures carried out. It works by removing wrinkles and tightening the skin.


As we get older, our skin starts to lose elasticity and begins to go south and sag. Eyebrows and eyelids start to droop, and the neck becomes looser. There’s nothing wrong with aging the natural way, but if you think that a facelift will boost your confidence, there’s nothing wrong with that either! Bear in mind though that a facelift can be a long procedure and is often best combined with a brow lift and eyelid reduction too.

So here are a few options if you’re considering Cosmetic Surgery. Always do  your homework and consult a board certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Plastic surgery has become so popular and common that it’s become almost expected. Thanks for sharing.

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