Relationship Tips: The Pros And Cons Of Living Together

Relationship tips, living together
So you want to live together

Relationship Tips: Moving In Together

So, you’ve finally found the one, Mr. or Mrs. Right if you will, and you’re talking about moving in together. While you’re incredibly excited to move in with your partner, the chances are you’re also a little anxious.
Living together with someone is a big deal, regardless of how much you love them. That’s why it’s so important not to rush into moving in together. So that, before you do, you are clear on all the ins and outs of living together, beforehand.


living together


Pro And Cons Of Cohabiting


So, what are the pros and cons of living with your partner and what do you need to discuss beforehand?



Relationship Tips, finances
The most important aspect to discuss when considering moving in with a partner is your finances. The first thing you need to talk about is how you will split the bills, from rent or mortgage payments to utilities. Will you go halves on everything or will whoever has money pay? Will you have a joint bank account or will you each keep your separate ones? These are all things that you need to workout beforehand.
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You also need to chat about things like TV services and what package you would get. This might sound like you’re jumping the gun a bit but if he earns more than you and wants an expensive package, then what? That’s why it’s best to discuss your financial expectations beforehand. So that you both know where you stand. If one of you wants a luxury, such as an expensive TV package, but the other doesn’t / can’t afford it, you need to know how you’d approach that situation.

Your Rights

living together
What are your rights?
It’s a common misconception that the rights of unmarried couples who have been living together for years are the same as married couples. However, that’s not actually the case. Well, at least, not always, anyway. To have any rights when not married, a couple must agree on a set of terms beforehand.


If you and your partner decide to buy, in the contracts you must state that should you separate the property should be divided equally. As should any finances or bills that you equate since moving in together. However, anything that you owned before you lived together, as well as any savings, will still belong exclusively to you.
living together


A lot of couples choose to get a pet together. However, this isn’t always the best idea. What happens if after you get your pet, the two of you choose to go your separate ways, who gets Fido the dog then?
Do you share ‘custody’ of him like you would children or does one of you get to keep him? This is something that you need to discuss before moving in together to prevent any heartache in the future.


Obviously, if either of you already has a pet, then should you break up, he or she should stay with the partner who originally owned them. It’s best to make that clear before moving in together. So that should you break up, you don’t lose your precious pooch or kitty cat.
Living together is an incredibly exciting prospect. However, it’s something that mustn’t be rushed. You need to take the time to think about the discuss the issues above, to ensure that whatever happens, you both get a fair deal.

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