Protect Your Health Forever By Following This Simple Advice



Protecting Your Health

We all like to think we take good care of ourselves. However, the fact is, many people aren’t protecting their health as well as they should be. There are certain things that can present risks to our health. In this post, I’ll give you some simple advice that will ensure you live a better life:



Always Think About Posture

Posture is one of the most underrated things in the universe. No one seems to give their posture much care or attention. It’s an afterthought for most people if that! But, your posture can have a huge effect on your health and wellbeing.

In fact, the way you sit and stand now will have a huge bearing on your health later in life. Bad posture can lead to so many lifelong health issues, especially with your spine. Back pain is usually caused by bad posture, and not a lot of people know this.


To make matters worse, almost everyone has bad posture. Why? Because we’re in a seated position all day. Sitting down is one of the worst things you can do for your posture – and your health. It causes your spine to curve and flex in ways that aren’t natural. And when you sit for long periods, every day, you end up stuck in these bad positions. As a result, you’re in pain, and your health suffers.

The easiest way to fix your posture is to be aware of it. Think about the way you sit and stand at all times. Keep your lower back flat and not arched. Stand up straight and draw your shoulders back while lengthening your spine. If you can maintain good posture, you’ll be a lot healthier, believe me.

Be Cautious While Driving

You’ll be surprised at how much of a bad effect driving can have on our health. For one, it puts us in that seated position I spoke about earlier. So, you have more time sitting and causing all sorts of damage to your posture and health. But, it also represents a serious health risk for us.

No matter how good you are at driving, there’s always a risk you get into an accident. The majority of people will go through life without crashing their car once. But, the risk is still there, and it’s more down to luck rather than anything else.


The fact is, there are some pretty reckless drivers on the roads nowadays. And, these people put you in danger. Their negligence can cause serious harm to your health. It can result in physical and mental injuries that last your entire life. Auto accidents are a top reason lots of people are in bad health these days. So, my advice is to be more cautious when driving.

Do everything by the book, and take care behind the wheel. If you’re driving cautiously, you put yourself in a better position to avoid accidents. You can read this info from Black and Johnson to learn more about car accidents. Hopefully, understanding some of the main causes can help you drive safer on the roads. There’s no denying that if you drive safe, you’re protecting your health a lot better than if you’re reckless.

Be Careful When Running

Driving isn’t the only time you have to be cautious. If you run, then you must be very careful how you go about it. Believe it or not but there are wrong ways to run. Running recklessly can cause an unbelievable amount of health problems for you. Primarily, it leads to joint pains and arthritis.

Now, many of you are probably confused as you think running is good for you. And, yes, it can be a good form of exercise to keep you healthy. But, only when done properly, and while wearing the right equipment.


If you run, then you have to have proper support for your body. This comes from the shoes you wear. Many people run in sneakers that offer no support at all. What does this mean?

It means their ankles and knees take a battering! You must wear trainers that can absorb the impact of your feet hitting the ground. This stops the force traveling through your legs and hurting your joints. Secondly, ensure that you run lightly and don’t stomp your feet on the ground. Be fleet of foot and you’ll protect the health of your body.



Be Active Every Day

My final point is so simple and so easy to follow! If you want to ensure you live a long life, full of good health, then you must be active. Being active is the easiest way to get healthy, and it does the world of good for your body. Firstly, it helps to address the first thing on this list; posture. If you’re out and about, then that means you’re sitting for less.

Consequently, you aren’t damaging your posture, and can work on fixing it. Secondly, it also helps to my second point about driving. What’s the best way to be safe on the roads? Not driving as often as you normally do! If things are within walking distance, walk to them instead of driving. It makes you much healthier, trust me.

Understandably, you might be wondering how you can be active every day. Some of you are already reeling off the excuses I bet! It doesn’t take much to get outside and feel the blood pumping through your body. Surely you have half an hour free to go for a walk?

Or, a spare fifteen minutes for an intense workout? At the very least you have time to do some exercise in the home. Now and then, run up and down the stairs until you break a sweat. It seems silly, but it gets you active and helps keep your body healthy.


You see, these tips are all so easy to follow. There’s no excuse for not paying attention to them; they’ll do you a world of good. Be mindful of your posture, and get outside to keep yourself active. But, don’t forget to be cautious, as there are other things that present risks to you, especially on the roads. If you follow all of my advice, it will lead to a happy life.


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Sending this to my husband, so I am not the only one talking about posture. 😎

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