date night beauty hacksDate Night Beauty Hacks To Wow On The First Date

When you have been excited for a date all week, the last thing that you want when the evening finally arrives is to turn up late. Naturally, you want to look completely and utterly irresistible. However, what you don’t want to do is end up turning up late, especially if it’s a first date – lateness doesn’t make a good first impression. If it’s an evening date, then the chances are that once you get back from work, you won’t have that long to get ready. You may not have hours to get ready but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn up looking incredible, it’s just a case of utilizing a few date night beauty hacks.


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For all the best date night beauty hacks, read on.


Date Night Beauty Hack #1

Reduce under eye puffiness with frozen veggies


date night beauty hacks


No time to apply your favorite date night face mask that soothes your skin and reduces puffiness? Don’t worry, wrapping a pack of frozen veggies in a towel and holding them onto your face – especially the area below your eyes – can work just as well. The coolness from the veggies encourages circulation around the area, which helps to get rid of fluid retention, reducing puffiness. Wondering why a bag of vegetables and not an ice pack? Because frozen veggies conform more easily to the contours of the face.


Date Night Beauty Hack #2

Use ice water to dry your nails

date night beauty hacks


Want to give your nails a revamp and apply that new polish that you brought for your date, but don’t have time to sit and wait for them to dry? The answer is to dip your freshly painted nails into a bowl of ice water – this will freeze dry the polish, hardening it. Let your nails air dry for two minutes and then submerge them in a bowl of ice water and leave for four minutes, and voila – nails that are ready to go.


Date Night Beauty Hack #3

Invest in an electric shaver

date night beauty hacks


Wet shaving can take forever, and if you are rushing can result in some nasty cuts, so why not use an electric shaver instead? Electric shavers offer a great way to shave quickly and easily without having to worry about cutting yourself. There are various makes and models to choose from, as you can see at – from shavers to trimmers there are a range of options that you can opt for. When it comes to hair removal, for a quick fix an electric shaver is your best bet, especially when you are in a rush.


Date Night Beauty Hacks #4

Blow dry your hair from underneath


date night beauty hacks


Need to wash your hair before your date but are short on time? Instead of drying your hair from the top, blow dry it from underneath. When you dry your hair from the top, you end up resetting hair that has dried as you brush the hair out. That’s why it’s best to start underneath, as this will make the process of drying your hair quicker and easier.


To dry the bottom layers first, flip your head over and section off the hair, focusing on one layer at a time. To make drying your hair even quicker, you want to use a dryer that has plenty of power – ideally, a professional-grade one. The more power your hair dryer has, the faster it will dry your hair.


Date Night Beauty Hacks #5

Set your brows with clear mascara

It’s not the first date unless you pluck and shape your brows, is it? For all the best eyebrow shaping hacks, resources like can be useful. Not got enough time to properly shape your brows?


The best solution to this is to use an eyebrow brush to neaten up your brows, snipping any wayward hairs with scissors, then using a clear mascara gel to set them in place. If you are going to use an eyebrow pencil or wax and powder, it’s best to do this before setting your brows in place; else the color may wear off.


Date Night Beauty Hacks #6

Use a straightening brush

date night beauty hacks


Do you prefer to wear your hair straight? If the answer is yes, a hack for speeding up hair straightening is to use a hair straightening brush rather than a straightening iron. This is because you can quickly use the brush like you would a normal hair brush to straighten your hair. You will still need to separate it into sections, but the process should be much quicker and easier.


When it comes to your date night beauty routine, it’s easy to spend hours pampering yourself, but when the time is tight, this isn’t always an option. The Date Night Beauty Hacks above will help to make it quicker and easier for you to get ready for a date when the time isn’t on your side, ensuring that even though you are in a rush, you still look amazing.


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