Do you share too much on Social Media?

Do You Share Too Much On Social Media? Here Are A Few Reasons Why


The world has changed in large because of the Internet and Social Media. Most of us are living our lives online now. We shop, work, and socialize online. I am no different. Since I started blogging I pretty much live online. Granted even before blogging I was online and in Social Media a lot and I admit even I at times have shared too much online. We don’t really think about the whys and what could happen and here’s why we should.

What planted this seed in my mind this week was glancing at a friend’s post that appeared in my feed this week. I am not going to say I was shocked, it was more of a shaking my head moment. the person was going off on a rant about somebody who obviously pissed her off in that usual cryptic way we find on Social Media. I admit it was offensive mainly because of the language “C**t”, was said many times and made me want to scream “What the hell are you talking about?”

While that should have been enough, nooo I started reading the comments and there it was”this is my page and if you don’t like it, you can leave.” That was the part that really had me with WTF face. Yet another one with the delusion that it was “her page”.

The truth is the Social Media accounts we covet and think we own it because our name is there do not belong to us and there is no such thing as privacy online. Sure, Facebook and Twitter have privacy and security controls but it means nothing! Once it’s out there, it’s out there FOREVER. Just last week I had posted about my mother’s illness and regretted it after, not because of any response but I’d begun to think about how I might share too much. I decided to explore the reasons we share way too much on Social Media:


Let’s face it, everyone loves attention! Selfies are proof positive of that. I read all the reports that said people who post endless selfies have self-esteem issues and I have to say I disagree. We just like to be acknowledged and appreciated. There is nothing wrong with that.

That being said all attention isn’t good attention. Keep in mind that your pictures are very easy to copy and steal. That the pictures and post you leave online represent you.

Keeping In Touch

Our primary motivation is keeping in touch with people. For me, this is priceless as my whole family is spread out all over the country. This does not mean sharing every mundane detail of every second of your life. Try to keep in mind you aren’t the only one who sees it.



This is something I have fallen prey to. You have a feeling and you just need to get it out. You want people to feel what you feel, this can make us not feel so alone during tough times. The downside to that is emotions pass but you have forever left that impression and perhaps shared too much about your personal life.

I am a very open person admittedly there is no topic I can’t discuss but there are some things I don’t share online. I never share intimate details about my relationships. Especially my marriage and my kids. The truth is many people don’t know I am married and that is because those details should be kept private.

No Consequences

There aren’t many consequences in Social Media. People seem to think it’s ok to say whatever they want because there is a level of anonymity hence Cyber Bullying. After all, the more outrageous and controversial you are the more attention you seem to get. You may get banned but it’s easy enough to create account after account. Too many seem to check their behavior and common sense at the door. There really needs to be more in my opinion.

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The Downside

It’s all fun and games till someone gets fired! One of the drawbacks to Social Media is that sure all your friends can see it but so can your boss and perspective employers. An estimated 30 percent of people online have been fired for what they posted online.


It’s important to keep in mind that your social media accounts show the world who you are, it is your brand. You may say that it is personal and for entertainment but anything that has your name attached to it says who you are and do you really want the world to think your that girl passed out on the floor last weekend?

In closing, think about what you post in Social Media because it becomes who you are. Stop posting things you really don’t want people to know. Think about it before you type it, please.



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