Recognize The Signs Of Addiction To Save Your Friend From Drowning



How To Spot The Signs Of Addiction

Addiction can ruin anyone. It sneaks up when we’re feeling weak, and takes us further down. Recognising addiction in others is no easy task. Addicts are often good at hiding the damaging behavior they engage in. If you suspect your friend is under the grip of addiction, it’s important you act to help. Whether they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, they’re going to be struggling. We’re going to look at some behavior you can expect to see, and how to overcome it.



Because of the secretive nature of addiction, addicts often become excellent at lying. They may lie to hide their addiction, or to shield those around them from the severity. The thing to remember is that your friend isn’t lying to be malicious. If you notice any lies, try not to get angry. Bear in mind that they need your help, not your anger. Try, instead, to get past the lies. It’s important you see the truth about how bad the addiction is so you can work out how best to move forward.


Addiction can often lead to reckless behavior. For the most part, this comes as a result of the intoxication addicts experience. Being under the influence means they’re less likely to see the danger in situations. It also comes, in part, from the fact that addiction is usually a result of severe unhappiness. It’s possible your friend is at a point where they no longer care about how dangerous their behavior is.

They may drive drunk, and leave it to a DUI lawyer to sort out. They may become violent and risk getting hurt by other people. Whatever form the reckless behavior takes, it’s important you protect your friend as much as possible. If you have to take their keys off them to stop them getting in the car at the end of the night, they’ll thank you for it in the future.


Many people under the influence of addiction can become depressed. It’s hard to say whether addiction comes as a result of the depression, or whether it’s the other way around. Either way, don’t let your friend suffer in silence. It’s important you let them know you’re there for them. Show your concern in the most sensitive way possible. How you approach the subject is important. Stating that you’ve noticed the problem could sound accusatory and invite a defensive response.

It may be best not to mention the issue of addiction until your friend does. Until then, let your friend know that you’ve noticed they haven’t been themselves recently. Ask opening questions that can lead to them telling you the truth if they want. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a confession straight away. Admitting addiction can be a difficult process. Your friend is probably hiding the fact from themselves as much as from you. Stay patient, and your friend is sure to open up to you eventually. Once they do, you can both work together to tackle the problem.

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