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Relationship Advice: How To Get To Know Your Man

Relationships can be difficult and that’s why sometimes you need relationship advice. Sometimes you might believe that opposites attract, other times you’ll fall in love with someone who has the same interests, and occasionally you’ll be completely confused at how you fell for someone you just met. Is it love at first sight? Is it your emotions getting the better of you? Whatever the reasons for you falling in love, it’s undeniable that you want to learn more about your man, and here are just a couple of fun, cute and unique ways to do just that.



Eat out more often


Food is a wonderful vessel for conversation. Food conversations can lead to talks about countries, holidays, past experiences, personal tastes and even fitness. You can tell a lot about someone when you learn about their favorite types of foods, including the countries they like to visit, what kind of fitness goals they have (if any) and it maybe shed some light on their past experiences. If you eat out more often, you’ll discover many secrets and details about your man and it will hopefully bring you closer together.


Jokingly criticize something about him


Is your man a little too hairy for your tastes? Do you think they play video games a little too much? Perhaps you think their cooking could do with a little work. The only way to see how your man reacts to your feelings is to subtly introduce it to the conversation. For example, you could talk about how to manscape like a total stud by pointing out someone’s well-trimmed chest, or show distaste for someone’s hairy body when you’re watching a film together. If they become self-aware afterward, then chances are your man is probably willing to make changes in his life in order to make you happy and they have pretty good attention to detail.

Make him feel better about himself


We all go through tough times and your man is no exception. Whether he’s just failed a university exam, missed a promotion chance at work or even fallen out with one of his friends, you need to be there for him to cheer him up. Compliment him, hug him, be there for him when he wants to let off some steam and rant about his problems, and make time for him when he’s at a troublesome point in his life. Just don’t forget that you should also expect him to do the same for you when you’re fighting a rough time in life.



Don’t hide your problems


If you have an issue with your man or a personal issue that’s negatively affecting your relationship with him, then take this relationship advice and invite him in so they can help you deal with it. Relationships are built on trust and if there’s one thing that separates a flaky couple with a strong one, it’s how you manage your issues together even if they don’t directly involve you both. For instance, managing money with your partner is one of the biggest challenges that any couple can face, and you can learn a lot about him if you go through a difficult situation together.


Learn about his hobbies


Another great piece of relationship advice. Rather than shying away from the boyish things that he does, try to understand why he does them, what kind of joys or needs it fulfills, and try to indulge yourself in similar hobbies so that you have more to converse about. It doesn’t take much effort to go watch a sports game together or play a video game with them, but if you really don’t enjoy the same hobbies then you don’t have to force yourself. However, trying to drag them away from their hobbies (unless it’s an unhealthy one that damages them) is a bad idea and you should learn to be accepting of their passions.

Get to know his friends

Assuming he’s not the jealous type to question why you’re talking to his friends, getting to know them can be a great boon to your relationship and you’ll learn a lot about him through his friends. It also makes it easier when you go on a group outing since you can enjoy the same things, be in his company more often and not feel left out when they start making jokes between themselves. Of course, you don’t need to like all of his friends and you don’t even need to speak to them on a regular basis. As long as you’re tolerant of them and you don’t cause a scene or act negatively towards them, you should be absolutely fine.


Clever Ways To Get Closer To YourMan

Getting to know your man and getting involved in his life can ring you closer I hope this relationship advice helps.

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