Relationship Goals: 5 Ways To Revive Your Sex Life

sex life

Spice Up Your Sex Life

A big part of Intimacy is Passion and Sex! One of the top issues involved in the breakdown of a romantic relationship is the lack of sex and excitement. It usually happens around the seven-year mark. We’ve all heard of the seven-year itch. At some point, especially in Marriage and all the stress life shoves our way with money, work, children we forget that we are sensual beings.
We are tired, bored, stressed. Then before you know it a few times a week turns into once a month ,until maybe we stop thinking about it altogether. We have all been there. But we are Sexual Beings, we need to be touched and wanted. We need sex!!! So here are 5 ways to reignite the fire in your relationship.
sex life
 The most important thing is being open-minded. Communication is key to everything, even sex. We seem to be so opposed to discussing sex, even with the one we are closest to.



You need to create a list of what you really need from your partner. Get down on paper specifics on what you need sexually. Writing a list can prevent emotions from getting involved and arguments sparked. None of us are mindreaders and through time, needs and wants change in your sex life.


Also, create a list of fantasies you both have. Pick one a week or a month and act them out. Roleplaying is fun and takes you out of yourself. Be someone else for a night. Have a one night stand with your partner. It’s guilt free. Maybe there are places you’ve always wanted to have sex, nothing’s more exciting than a little danger. An active sex life needs a little fantasy.


Everyone needs to be touched. When you aren’t having sex regularly, it can create an awkwardness. It is so much more to it than Intercourse, so schedule a foreplay day. You only engage in touching and foreplay.It creates the Sexual Tension.

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In recent years, more women have admitted to watching porn. Adult porn can get the juices flowing. Porn used to be primarily targeted to men but these days more women have entered the arena in making porn for women. Watch a flick together or read a story, erotica is a big market now (thanks, Christian Grey). Even write a saucy story together.


Remember the first time you had sex with your partner? Try recreating the event. A fun way to go down Memory Lane is to remember what attracted you to each other in the first place. It can make a big difference in your Sex Life.
sex life



Bondage, Discipline ,Dominance, and Submission is about dominating, submitting and relinquishing control. Most of us have tried various forms of this, perhaps without realizing it was BDSM exactly. Blindfolding, Tying each other up, spanking, hair pulling. Of course, anything involved requires trust and openness with your partner. Some choose this only in sexual encounters while others choose it as a lifestyle, Some enjoy more pain with sex using whips, paddles, flogger etc. Usually, there is a top and a bottom but you can switch it up if you feel comfortable in both roles.


Many confuse this lifestyle choice with an Open Relationship. In an Open Relationship, there is a central core unit (couple) who are in a Committed Relationship and choose, upon their own personal rule set to have sex with other partners to whom they are not committed. In Polyamory which means loving more than one, they have Committed Relationships with more than one person and there is no Core Couple. Another lifestyle many engage in is Swinging, where there is couple swapping.


It is having more than one mate. Originally, Mormons practiced Plural Marriage with the belief that God told them to. They believed that being how women outnumbered men they were giving all women the chance to have a husband and children.
Find what works for you! In my opinion, multiple partners don’t work in a committed relationship. But many people believe Monogamy is wrong and unnatural. I believe Monogamy is a choice and like any commitment deserves honor and respect.
How do you spice up your Sex Life?

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