how to love a bloggerThe Ups And Downs Of Loving A Blogger

Loving a blogger isn’t always easy. There I said it. As I was brainstorming topics for my newest relationship tips topic and messaging with another blogger we were half joking about blogging and relationships but I soon realized it was the perfect issue to explore because this is my life! As I scroll through blogging groups I will often land on other bloggers talking about the lack of support with family, friends and yes even lovers and spouses.

I have tackled this myself and thinking through it and talking to others I realized it is an issue and it isn’t simple. I have experienced a lack of support from people in my life as well, so that was when I started talking to my creative compadres to get down to the core of it all.

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Blogging is not taken seriously by too many people and looked on as a hobby, as there are still those who don’t think we can actually make money at it. The money aside, I see one of the core issues as the lack of understanding as to what a blogger actually is and does to be a large part of the problem.

how to love a blogger

What Is A Blogger Really?

Most of us get into blogging because we want to share our voice with the world and we soon realize the potential to actually have our own business. The outside world doesn’t really understand the scope of what we do and the skills we have to learn and possess. We aren’t just writers! It might be so much simpler if that were the case. Here are the other hats we also wear:

  • Researcher
  • Fact Checker
  • Graphic Artist
  • Coder
  • Social Media Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Editor
  • Videographer
  • Web Designer
  • SEO
  • Promoter

Those are all jobs that we do under the guise of Blogger that perhaps our loved ones don’t really understand and if I missed anything I am sorry.

Not Enough Time In The Day

Our partners will often react the way they do because they feel neglected. Blogging isn’t a job or activity that is 9 to 5. It really is almost around the clock. They don’t see that because all they see is the enormous amount of time spent. It is hard to support what you don’t understand.

how to love a blogger

One thing I had to do was take my husband through what exactly I did during the course of my day. He didn’t understand why all the social media was involved or why I needed all of the accounts I had. For us, it isn’t just the Facebook of it all. Outsiders really don’t understand the threads or engagement part of our job and while we might think we support them so they should just do it because they love us, giving your loved ones a greater understanding of what exactly is that we do can really help.

I easily rectified this by showing my husband my Social Network Accounts which include:

  • 3 Twitter Accounts
  • 2 Pinterest Accounts
  • A Pinterest Group Board
  • 3 Facebook Pages
  • My Facebook Groups
  • My Stumbled Upon Account
  • My Google Plus
  • My Flipboard Account

This made him a little exhausted and a WTF look on his face. I didn’t stop there I also showed him all that went into the post which included the pictures, the actual post, and the links. Teaching him Canva not only helped him to understand more of what was so time-consuming but gave him something to help his own work as well.

What I came to understand was that making him a part of it was all he wanted and so he is my grammar nazi and will often go through my posts for me because I totally stink at grammar. Now when he asks what’s new in the blogging world, I tell him.

Love Is About Compromise

One thing we absolutely can do on our side of things is the compromise. Constantly checking our blogs or social media becomes addictive and we can very easily forget the outside world even exists. You absolutely must set boundaries that let you maintain the importance of your personal life.

Set a time in which you stop with your online activities. Discuss with your partner when this should be and be reasonable. Take a day in which you disconnect and make them your primary focus. Everyone needs a day off and it will help you as much as it does them.

In closing, supporting each other is essential in any loving relationship and take the time to include your partner in every facet of your life which includes your blogger life. Be an active participant in each other’s lives and work. Blog on!


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