What You Need To Stop Worrying About To Be More Successful

We worry too much! We all want a successful life, don’t we? The real truth is that we spend so much time worrying about the success we tend to miss the boat entirely. The worrying is killing us, both men and women can agree on this, I am sure. It can cause physical and mental stress that actually impede our progress and well-being in life.

We already know that stress is linked to so many illnesses and yet we keep doing it ourselves needlessly every single day. Granted, you can’t stop worrying altogether but there are some you absolutely can.

Women And Worrying

It is a fact that women worry constantly. We are programmed from birth that we have to be all things to everyone. The weight of this is overwhelming. No longer do we live in a world where women just take care of their family and their homes. So in addition to those worries, we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Release these worries for a more successful life

When I turned 40 something miraculous happened to me. I stopped caring about things that just didn’t matter and those my friends are the worries I’m talking about so join me in clarity and rebirth.


What You Think Is Not My Burden

The most important lesson I believe I ever learned was how to stop caring what people thought about me. Only you are responsible for you. The bare facts are these: People will think what they want to no matter what you do. Take a moment to take that in. There will always be those who don’t approve or judge you and there is nothing you can do about it but JUST DO YOU.

I remember a family member coming to me after not speaking to me for years explaining to me that the reason was because they didn’t approve of my life choices. I even started to defend and explain and then I stopped and said, ” We are family and for that I love you but I don’t need your approval, so you need to do what you feel”. See they were forcing the burden of their judgment on me and you don’t need that responsibility.

Please Like Me

One of the things we all struggle with at some time in our life is belonging. When we are teenagers we may want to be popular or have a certain group of people like us. We may look back at that and shake our heads but that train of thought follows us as adults. We all want successful relationships.

The willingness to do whatever it takes to have people like us. It doesn’t work in any scenario. Whether it is a romantic relationship or any peer group we want to be a part of. Some people just won’t like you and even if there is no reason for it, it just is and the only thing you can do is shrug and move on.


Timing Is Everything And Nothing

We all at some point have this plan in our heads for our life. We map out how our life should be and when. I had a friend who was in the middle twenties (I was much older) who complained because she felt she wasn’t accomplishing what she planned. She was a college graduate and should be much further in life. Having success in life and a successful career isn’t simple.

In my head I was rolling my eyes I can’t lie, because that often isn’t how it works, life never really goes according to plan and that is the magic of it all. You really have to have patience. This doesn’t mean you don’t always try your best but also accept that everything works in its own time when it’s supposed to.

Am I Messing Up My Kids?

Parenting is an everyday learning journey. We go into it idealistic of being the perfect parent which by the way isn’t possible. Yes, we are all messing up our kids just as our parent messed us up. We will make mistakes as parents, it is inevitable. I remember asking my kids if they wished I was one of those normal moms, you know the ones who always seemed to do everything right. Their answer was simple, ” You are our mom”. They just want love and attention, they don’t need nor should they have perfect.

No, I’m Not Getting On That Scale

Something that really changed in me as I got older was losing the obsession with my looks. I was always pretty tuned into body image and being a certain size. This thinking is poison to us all. For one thing being thin will never in itself make you happy but being healthy can change your life. They aren’t the same thing and we all need to learn the difference.

Release These Worries For A More Successful Life

Mistakes Happen

It is very easy to dwell too much on mistakes and regrets. Sometimes I have thought the mistakes I’ve made were lessons sent by god. Maybe that sounds crazy but each one taught me something very important. One thing being you aren’t defined by them, they are merely lessons you needed to learn.


The key to a successful life is a balance. Worry less about the million little things you can’t control and concentrate on how great every single thing in your life is and how it truly will get better every single day.

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