Saving Money Tips: A Guide To Couponing

saving money


Do You Want To Save Money?

Stupid question, right? Not really. We all say we want to save money but we don’t take active steps toward it. I am in this group as well, I talked a good game but when it came down to it, nada. I had heard people talk about couponing , even would go so far as clipping coupons. Of course, the coupons would be left somewhere to gather dust. Which, in effect is throwing money away.



The Couponing Lifestyle

Couponing isn’t just something you do, it’s something you live. It’s a lifestyle because of the amount of time it takes. It can take days or even weeks. The payoff is the money you save, for other things like Wine!

I remember hearing you should only clip coupons for things you usually buy. That isn’t what couponing is about. Couponers stockpile. Go on hauls.

I know someone who does this every week and then turns her surplus over by selling at discount prices to family and friends.

You buy things you have coupons for,Often this can mean giving up the brands you have become used to. You can’t just shop in one store, you have to go where the sales are.

Be Organized

You have to be organized and keep your stash in a filing cabinet or a binder. Have coupons sorted so they are easy to find. There are many resources to finding coupons. Printables, newspapers. A lot of grocery stores now have coupons you can load to your loyalty cards. Here is a list of sites:



Couponing At Drugstores

There is also money to be saved at Drugstores if you get familiar with their saving programs and sign up for their loyalty cards.


I love this store! Sign up for the Extracare card and they give extra buck coupons and dollar amount savings on your receipts for future purchases. You can combine them with Manufacturer Coupons as well.


They have a reward program where you can earn points for certain deals and be sure to check for in-store deals.

Rite Aid

Offers single check rebates. You get paid for buying qualifying items by check. Sign up here

Rite aid also has a program called Video Values, where you watch videos and earn store coupons. Up Plus Rewards are coupons on your receipt similar to CVS.



Phone apps for saving money are really popular now and why not, with some you can redeem savings from just showing your phone. Here are a few I really like. They are all available through Google Play store Or Apple

  • Ibotta: Rebates for things you buy
  • Retail Me Not: Discounts on retailers and restaurants you redeem from your phone.
  • Group On and Living Social: Daily deals you pre-purchase
  • Shopular: Deals tailored to your location
  • Coupon Sherpa: Hundreds of coupons that can be redeemed from your phone.
  • Keyring: They have coupons and deals, as well as the ability to store your loyalty cards.

Couponing Tips

So important to stay organized. Have a place where you can store and inventory your goods. Always scan through the weekly ads and plan all shopping trips. It cuts down on time. Make lists!

Happy Saving!

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Kathy Harpster

I am so looking forward to couponing from my phone!

Jennifer Kelly

I have always been so envious of those coupon shoppers. I am just way to disorganized, and my ADHD will not allow me any wiggle room in that area. So I’ve tried couponing and just ended up in piles of newspapers that went overlooked. 🙁 You should come home and help me!


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