Fashion And Style For Less

Welcome to the second installment of my Saving Money series. I am not an expert in finance, but I am an expert in being broke and thrifty. When we are on a budget, we tend to think that we have to sacrifice things like Fashion. That’s just not true, we have to become more creative.

I love clothes and jewelry. Who doesn’t right? Rather than get down or in more debt I found ways to save on the things I love and Fashion is no different. To be honest, even though I can afford to buy now, I don’t. I became addicted to these tips I’m going to share with you.


Make It New Again

It’s not that we don’t have any clothes, it’s that we grow tired and bored with what is in the closet. You can actually make Fashion look new again.


Dye It

There is no better way to make it new again then changing the color or adding color accents to your Fashion. You can dye old, faded jeans to be darker or even just totally change the color of something.


I love to do it with T-shirts. One trick I sort of just tried one day and it looked amazing is I blocked off an entire tee with tape except the collar and painted the dye on the collar. You have to be super careful but it looked great.

Rit dye is the well-known brand most of us are familiar with but I am loving I-Dye . It is much easier as you can use it in the washing machine and comes in lots of colors.


Button Up For Fashion

You can change the whole look of Pants, Jackets, etc by just changing the buttons. Long Blazers were in Fashion not too long ago. I bought a Man’s Blazer and simply changed the buttons for a girly flair. It is so easy to sew a button, anybody can do it. I found some really unique and stylish buttons at Lots Of Buttons


Another great way to update is to embellish it. Now I’m not talking bedazzled because thank god nobody does that anymore. You can change sleeves, cuffs, pretty much anything you want and you don’t have to sew it. There is a great Fabric Glue called Fabric Fusion, that is non-toxic and really lasts. Check this out for interesting DIY Projects


Thrift Fashion

The first thing I do when I move somewhere new, and that is more often than you might think, is to find out where all the thrift stores are. My love affair with thrifting started years ago when my kids were small. They were outgrowing clothes faster than I could make money so I decided to check it out. It was love at first sight.

The fact that I could buy more for less and often find great stuff which included designer labels. There are many reasons that buying second hand is great. It is good for the Environment and most Thrift Shops are connected to Charities, so you’re giving back.

Thrifting has evolved over the years. It’s no longer cheap junk nobody wants. You can find Designer goods and Vintage you really can’t find in stores. There are even a ton of Online Thrift Shops and here are my favorites:

You don’t have to scrimp on Fashion and Style just because you are on a budget. Reviving your old clothes and shopping at Thrift and Consignment shops can save you tons of cash and fill your closets with goodies!

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