self-loveConfidence Is Sexy! How Self-Love Improves Your Self Confidence

The most beautiful people in the world aren’t always the ones with the perfect body or the most symmetrical face.  Usually, the people we find most stunning are the ones who carry themselves with a confidence we aren’t used to.  They aren’t worried about what others think, they make their own path in life and they smile with every step they take. Ever wonder how they achieve that? I know I do since confidence and self-esteem are issues I have struggled with. The answer is self-love!


Self-confidence is sexy, of course, there is a fine line between feeling happy in your own skin and being too cocky.  Those with high levels of self-confidence can sometimes come across as being superior.  The trick is to master self-love and not care what other people think or feel you are better to them in any way.  This is all about you.  How you feel about you.

The Physical

Our physical looks are always going to play a factor and so we should address them.  However, it is important to remember that others don’t focus on the areas that you see as flawed.  A recent commercial for the Dove beauty brand highlighted this.  In the ad women had to sit behind a curtain and describe themselves to a police sketch artist.  They then had to describe a person they had just spent some time with during a one on one.

Self-Love Exercises To Practice Every Day

 The artist eventually presented both images to the person they had drawn.  One described by them, the other by another person.  The results were really incredible.  Nearly all of the images drawn from a third party description were beautiful.  It really highlighted the negative way we look at ourselves and how hard we are on our flaws. This is a self-love exercise worth doing every day. 


Try looking at yourself in a different way.  Instead of focussing on the parts of your face you don’t like, look at the parts you do.  Perhaps your hair or your teeth are really great.  Look at those and shift the focus from your nose or the way your eyes look when you smile.  Chances are that others aren’t noticing these things.  Another way, although it’s a little mean, is to look at the women you think are beautiful physically.  Then try to look at them with the same critical eye you look at yourself. Pick out their flaws.  As if they were your own.  Very soon you will realize we all have them.  Every one of us.  But the way we carry them are what makes us feel more beautiful.




Try A New Workout

If you are worried about your weight then you can do something about it.  Just make sure you are taking on the right challenges for you.  Use the internet as a resource to discover what diets work and what fitness routines work best.  Instead of opting for expensive celebrity ones, see if you can find alternatives from lesser known instructors.  A great example is this review of Max workouts by Shin Ohtake.  Don’t head for faddy diets, instead look at eating clean and keeping yourself hydrated.  You want a long term result, not just a quick fix.  Self-love isn’t just in the mind it is the healthy ways we care for our bodies as well.


The problem with self-love though is that it is rarely fixed by changing your physical appearance.  It is about a feeling of worth and this can stretch right back to our childhoods, something that may be forgotten about or something huge which clouds above us in all we do.


Talking to someone is the first step in letting go of a past which is holding you back.  However, you can also overcome it by talking to yourself.  Taking up Yoga is a great way of learning to make peace with yourself.  Using the deep breathing and meditative moments to consider the actions you make every day and work out why you make them.  Take time every day to look at all the good in yourself.  To practice self-love and allow yourself to be confident.  


Perhaps you are holding on to words your parents used when you were a child.  Phrases such as “You can’t do that” or “Get with the real world” may have taught you to dream less and as a result, you have become more withdrawn.  You need to tell yourself, as an adult, that you can achieve anything if you work hard, have passion and are dedicated.  Don’t let the short-sightedness of others prevent you from reaching impossible looking goals.  

Fear of failure or rejection can hold many people back and you need to readdress your relationship with both of these.


 Confidence isn’t something we are born with, it is something we cultivate every day through practic, affirmation and self-love. Love Yourself!

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