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Hair And Beauty Finds For Fall

Welcome to my monthly feature all about hair and beauty! If you haven’t heard I love everything hair and beauty at affordable prices. Yes, it’s an obsession so I am always looking for ways to cut costs. Like many women, I used to spend untold amounts of money on hair and beauty products until I discovered it wasn’t necessary.

You can indeed find great products for low prices. So while these products may not be new, they are new discoveries for me!

hair and beauty

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Hair And Beauty Finds I Am Crazy For

I will admit that I am very loyal to brands. My go-to for makeup is usually ELF. But I have been dying to try some of the newer Wet N Wild products for a while. All of their products are under ten dollars so why not, right?

September Beauty Finds

  • Max Volume Plus Waterproof Mascara
  • Mega Slicks Balm Stain
  • Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

I generally loved all of these products. The mascara was amazing and made my lashes look long without looking thick and clumpy.

I am terrible at eyeliner which is why I love the markers! The Proline pen was easy to put on because te pen wasn’t overly long and liquid lasts all day compared to your standard pencil. Lip Stain is one of those items I have never really been sold on if I am totally honest. It usually feels heavy. The Balm Stain was light, the look of it very glossy and it lasted pretty long.

Dust A Dark Shadow Over  Eyeliner To Make It Last All Day


hair and beauty


September Hair Finds

One of the best-kept secrets in hair products, in my opinion, are products targeted to African American women. Granted their hair texture is much different than us white girls but the products are awesome in price and moisture qualities. I have been using them for years because they tended to be cheaper and I have coarse, wavy hair.

For Healthy Hair And Easier Styling  Keep Washing To 2-3 Times Weekly



My favorite brand would be Miss Jessie’s but I decided to try Carol’s Daughter. I bought the Tiare Shampoo and Conditioner and the Black Vanilla leave-in spray. It’s Sulfate-Free, which means it won’t strip your color. It contains natural ingredients and vitamins. Loved it! It didn’t weigh down my hair and really helped with the frizz.





Stylist Tip: Never Brush Your Hair Wet, Instead Use A Detangling Comb To Avoid Breakage


The Girls @ Crazy4blogging

So I asked the women in my blogging group what their favorite hair products were. I wasn’t really shocked that most of them preferred Natural  Products. There has really been a shift since we have become more educated about the chemicals in our products.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is an amazing moisturizer for the face and hair. It is light and absorbs quickly. It is also super high in Vitamin E. Kathy@idyllicpursuit , Dani@ adventuresandpreggars and Rebecca@coffeecrazedncrafty all agreed there is no better cure for frizz and softness without greasiness. Check out this post about Argan Oil by Sassy Critic who is great for finding out about the latest products : Argan Oil Review


Coconut Oil

I love Coconut Oil for so many things. It is my go-to for hair and beauty hands down. Shiro@astellamoment said it is the only thing that works on her tough, African hair. Aish@myyellowapron and Mary@honestheartandmind agreed that this was they’re must have as well. Susan@thesparrowshome says she carries a  Coconut Oil Spray with her everywhere and I don’t blame her.

Kallia@kalliaseverydaytalks uses Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap religiously and Tania@soulsensecoaching prefers anything Chemical-Free and her go-to brands are Hey Gorgeous and Pure Beginnings.

Mix A Small Amount Of Pure Coconut Oil With Distilled Water In A Spray Bottle To Fight Frizz

I hope you enjoyed September’s Hair and Beauty Report. Stay tuned for next month as we venture into Winter Trends and exciting new products.





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