Shopping For The Perfect Diamond?

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Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, but it can be difficult to choose from the huge array of diamonds on offer to us. If your other half has proposed to you recently and wants you to pick out your own diamond ring; it can be exciting, incredibly fun, but also pretty confusing too.

There are a lot of different terms and grades of diamond on offer, which is why it is sometimes easier to go to a jeweler such as 77 Diamonds and have them help you pick out the perfect ring. But if you want full creative control and a bespoke diamond, then you will need to follow a few simple steps to help you.

If you aren’t picking out a diamond for yourself, you must try and figure out what style and shape your recipient will like. Try and take them on a shopping trip and ‘accidentally’ stumble into a jeweler, and see what kind of things they point out. It will make your choices much easier if you have a guideline to follow.

Try and figure out your budget, and what matters most it terms of the 4C’s. If you don’t know what the 4C’s are- they are cut, color, clarity, and karat. If you or your recipient has their heart set on a 1 karat diamond, anything less will be a disappointment.

When you come to choosing your diamond, start at the highest grade, and work your way down until you reach a price you are comfortable with. This is a better way than working your way up from the bottom as you can keep the quality of the cut and color as high as possible.



  •         Firstly, lower the clarity. Clarity is the least important of the 4C’s so you can afford to go lower on this, drop it as low as VS2 before working on another area.
  •         Colour can be lowered next. Only go as low as H, because you don’t want to see any yellow undertones in the diamond
  •         Next lower the Cut. Only go as low as Very Good if you can help it, because the cut of the diamond is the most important feature.
  •         If the price is still a little over your budget, you can consider lowing the karat very slightly. A small difference in karat weight won’t be noticed very easily.

If you are on even more of a budget, and the steps above still leave you way out of your price range, you can make further cuts to help you cut down the cost:



  •         Reduce clarity to SI1
  •         Reduce color as low as J, If the diamond will be set in yellow gold anyway, you may get away with dropping it to K
  •         If you need to reduce the cut only go as low as Good.

Hopefully, you will be within your budget at this point and you can start looking into the setting and metal to use for the piece of jewelry you are making. You’ll end up with the perfect, unique diamond for yourself or a loved one in no time!

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