It’s Never Too Early To Show Dad You Care! Unique Guy Gift Guide


It's Never Too Early To Show Dad You Care! Unique Guy Gift Guide

Guy Gift Guide For Any Time Of The Year

With still plenty of time to consider the best present for Father’s day, unless you are unlucky and need to plan for an emergency birthday present first, it seems like a good idea to start now to understand the complex personality of dads or men as we like to call them and it’s never too early to show that special man how much you appreciate him. There’s no denying that men are especially difficult to buy for, especially when it’s the women in their lives who are trying to oblige. Whether you are a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or even daughter, there’s nothing more confusing than trying to step into the mind of the man you love to find the perfect present. That is primarily due to the fact that women are simply better at understanding the needs of other women – after all, you can sympathize with the little hiccups of life from runny makeup to uncomfortable shoes.

So, before grabbing the nearest cliché for your dad, such as a crate of beer or a box of DIY tools – just because common sense says that men like beers and hammers, it doesn’t mean that they are best designed as presents, for example – you might want to think of the kind of interests that your father has. Remember that the earlier you start, the sooner you can get the ideal gift without needing to revert to a last minute purchase. So show your dad you care with a present that will take his breath away.


It's Never Too Early To Show Dad You Care! Unique Guy Gift Guide

#1. For The One Who Loves To Show Off

If the man in your life is one who loves to mention the price of his new car on the first occasion, or who likes to refer to costs to discuss how valuable and precious objects are to him, you want to find something that will impress him. Have a look at quality jewelry that will make a value statement to those who know where to look, especially quality yellow and white gold chains, rings and wrist chains.

It's Never Too Early To Show Dad You Care! Unique Guy Gift Guide

You might want to check the latest collection from Frost NYC that combines gold, gems, and diamonds in a series of sophisticated statement neck chains that will certainly get all the attention your father is craving for. Be careful, though: Not all men enjoy wearing jewelry so make sure that you choose wisely for your dad and that you know he feels confident wearing a heavy chain around his neck or his wrist.

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#2. For The Foodie

If your father loves his food and knows what good gourmet cuisine is supposed to taste like, surprise him with an invitation to one of the best restaurant in town. You can find the updated list of Michelin starred restaurants in the USA. If you don’t know about it, the term Michelin star is a testimonial of food and service quality that is awarded to fine dining restaurants, and sometimes even gourmet pubs, around the world.

While most food critics will complain that the Michelin ranking system is biased and prefers rewarding French cuisine, you will find amazing Indian, Italian, Asian and exotic restaurants that have received one to three stars for their inventive menu and delicious food. Many tend to reproach the starred restaurants for adopting a snob attitude, but you’ll soon find out that there is a big difference between snob and professionalism, and starred restaurants tend to value the highest form of the latter.


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#3. For The Gadget Enthusiast

If your dad or partner is a man of his time who has loved gadgets since the early 1980s, and one of the first in his neighborhood to buy a video recorder, you know that a high-tech gadget will be the right thing for this man of digital talent. Don’t worry if you are looking at a tight budget, not every gadget has to be an Apple watch to be worth of interest.

If your dad or partner wears glasses, he’ll appreciate an easy but practical carbon glass cleaner that does a better job than any cleaning tissue. You can even find a similar cleaner for smartphones and tablets so that your dad doesn’t need to despair any longer at the sight of greasy fingerprints on his screen. If you want to surprise him, you can look for a virtual reality helmet for less than $50; with this, you’re sure to make an impression.

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#4. For The One Who Has Everything

There’s nothing more difficult than trying to find a present for someone who has everything they need. If your dad or partner is one of those persons, there’s a good chance that his interests won’t change the deal when it comes to find a present that he doesn’t have already.

Believe it or not, but this is a common issue for a lot of adults who still have their parents alive and very much active, or just for people with wealthy friends. But this is where the saying, sometimes less is more, comes in really handy. If your dad is a man who has everything, think of what he probably doesn’t have enough of: Time with you. So book a day off, or more, and take your him on a journey to the center of your affection.

Whether he enjoys walking in the park or simply wants to paint the garden gate, make sure to spend the time with him and to help him through – that is valid even if he doesn’t need help. Spending time together is a reminder of how much you mean to each other, and after all, who doesn’t need a little bit of love in this modern world? Don’t be hug-shy, affectionate gestures are worth all the jewelry in the world.  


#5. For The Fashion Addict

If your dad is interested in fashion, then you might want to pick something trendy for him. He may not admit his interest for fashion, but there are some dead-giveaway signs that don’t lie. For example, is he the kind of man who renews his wardrobe regularly, and looks into the youth trends to pick his own style? Or maybe he’s a convinced hipster who loves a nice mustache and well-groomed hair? If you’re not too sure about your dad’s clothes size, and don’t want to commit a terrible faux-pas in buying something that wouldn’t fit – there is no worse insult that receiving clothes that are too large or too tight, even for men –, have a look at a

If you’re not too sure about your dad’s clothes size, and don’t want to commit a terrible faux-pas in buying something that wouldn’t fit – there is no worse insult that receiving clothes that are too large or too tight, even for men –, have a look at a grooming kit for a splendid mustache that will make him look like a proper Victorian gentleman. With everything one needs to keep those fine whiskers under control; you know that you can’t do much wrong with a gift like this!

#6. For The Active Dad

If your dad still enjoys a sporty lifestyle and is not afraid of sports, you could make the dream of the little boy in him come true with a racing experience. Everyone loves an authentic racing drive experience, especially if you can pick one of the fastest and most exquisite car makes, such as Porsche or Ferrari, and get behind the wheel without fearing any speeding fine!

Make sure that your dad is still a fit driver, who is confident behind the wheel and still enjoys fast reactions. A driving experience is not something for an aging dad, who might love cars, but is a bit slow on the road and hasn’t had his eyes checked in a while. But if your dad is an active man, who loves driving and knows what a good car feels like, you can be sure that he will love the opportunity to take over on the best laps experience of his life, and in a renowned racing car.

It's Never Too Early To Show Dad You Care! Unique Guy Gift Guide

#7. For The Romantic Dad

Finally, there are all the dads who love to watch a good film or to read a good book, and who often get a little teary at a moving story. This dad, a master of culture, is not one for adrenaline shots: He likes the peaceful mindfulness of a good story. So, why not surprise him with a vintage copy of his favorite book?

You can still find first editions and collectible books all around the world, whether it is a children’s book that your dad told you about or maybe a printed copy of a classic from the year of his birth. Curated collections of books are not a rare thing, but they are well guarded, so this is something that you need to research thoroughly before being able to buy the book you need. But you’ll be sure to move him to tears with such a thoughtful present!


#8. Don’t Forget The Personal Card

Last, but not least, don’t forget about the Father’s day card. As you still have plenty of time, you could have a look for DIY options to create a meaningful card, maybe with the pictures of your family at the time when you were a young child, or maybe with an appropriate text that your dad will recognize.

The beauty of DIY cards lies in the fact that they are hand-made to fit one purpose only, and they carry a little bit of you for they are made with love. When was the last time you gave your dad one of your drawings? If this dates back from kindergarten, it’s time to surprise him with your crafty skills.
I know your thinking it’s way too early to think about Father’s day and I agree but men are so hard to buy for, especially Dad that we need to be creative and plan ahead! I hope this gives you some great ideas and inspiration.

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