How To Know It’s Time To Give Up Drinking

So, you think you might have indulged in drinking a little too much alcohol over the holidays. But are you sure that you didn’t just use Christmas as an excuse to drink even more than you would normally? If you are already a heavy drinker, you may have gone to extremes this December.



How exactly do you tell whether you just need to detox for a month or quit alcohol completely? It can often be hard to tell, as the line between alcoholic and a binge drinker is often very blurry. But there are certain signs that will tell you whether you have a destructive relationship with booze. Here are the ones to watch out for; if you recognize any of these, it is definitely time to stop your drinking habit.

You’ve Built Up An Impressive Tolerance To Alcohol

The more we drink, the higher tolerance of alcohol we will have. That is because our bodies become used to all the alcohol over the time, and its effects don’t seem to affect us so much. If you find that you need more and more alcohol to get drunk, then you have a very high tolerance of alcohol.

Don’t be fooled; this isn’t a good sign. Another point to make is that if you need to drink a certain amount to socialize, it could be time to stop drinking altogether. That is because you are relying far too much on alcohol to function in social occasions.

Reckless Behavior

Do you think that your behavior has been spiraling out of control lately? This is often a sign that you have been drinking way too much. If you find that you start doing things that you would not normally do sober, then you should start to reassess your relationship to booze. Especially if you end up with legal problems. This is often the case if people end up drinking under the influence. They are forced to get legal advice, such as from the DWI attorneys at Scheiner Law Group.


Friends And Family Are Worried About You

Are your friends and family becoming increasingly more worried about you and your drinking? If they start to comment on your behavior, then this is a surefire sign that you need to consider giving up alcohol. Friends and family are going to be the first people to notice any changes in your behavior, and they will be extremely worried. It is a good idea to listen to them and take any help that they offer. Don’t just ignore them. After all, they only want what is best for you.

You Spend Too Much On Booze

When was the last time you looked at exactly how much you spend each week on alcohol? If you aren’t sure on the exact figure, you should look again. You may be extremely surprised to see just how high it is! If your spending is out of control, you need to rethink your relationship with booze. It could be time to stop altogether and save some pennies!

Hopefully this helps you to read the signs and consider whether you need to stop drinking

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