daily routineHow To Change Your Daily Routine To Improve Your Skin!

I know what your thinking, another post about anti-aging? Yes absolutely! Even if you’re not over forty like me, the earlier you start caring for your skin the right way the longer you will have a youthful appearance and that means changing your daily routine!

It’s always a strange feeling when you first start noticing the signs of aging. You feel as much ‘yourself’ as you ever have, you don’t feel any older and yet the fine lines, gray hairs and dark undereye circles tell a different story! When you notice you’re getting older and starting to lose your youthful appearance, it can knock your confidence a little, and some people feel less attractive. Thankfully there are things that can be done to slow down the process. While anyone lucky enough to live a long life will eventually age, there’s plenty we can do (especially for our skin) to keep it at its best for as long as possible.


Clean That Face Bare

During the night as we sleep, our skin cells repair and regenerate. When they’re clogged with oils, makeup and grime it slows down this process and can lead to premature aging. This is such a simple step which can make all the difference. Use a skin cleansing wipe or a cotton pad soaked with micellar water to remove the surface makeup. Then a quick wash with a cleanser to get the rest and you’re good to go. No more waking up in the morning with panda eyes and breakouts due to last night’s makeup, and your skin will stay youthful for longer!

daily routine

Coconut Oil Is My Go To For Cleansing And Softening

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Of course limiting your exposure to the sun would be the best but so is sunscreen, you don’t think about the times you’re in the sun on a daily basis and remembering to wear sunscreen every day can be tricky, especially when it’s not sunny outside it’s an easy step to forget. However, the sun’s rays are damaging all throughout the year and not just when it’s sunny. You could purchase a moisturizer, or a foundation with SPF included, that way it takes care of two steps in one and makes it far easier to remember to do. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers if you’re concerned or have a mole you need checking out you could visit your GP or a specialist like West Dermatology. Thankfully there’s a high survival rate for skin melanomas, the key is catching it early so if you’re concerned don’t delay seeking advice.


Change Your Bad Habits

Smoking literally starves your skin of oxygen. It reduces blood flow which leaves skin dry and discolored. Since it also depletes nutrients like vitamin c in the body which is responsible for cell repair, it’s even more damaging. Smoking puts you at risk of many different types of cancers, so it’s worth trying to quit for your health as well as your appearance. If you have already started noticing signs of aging you could consider a cosmetic procedure.

daily routine

Sleep On Your Back!

How You Sleep Matters

I started to notice at one point that I was getting wrinkles on one side of my face and found out it was how I was sleeping. It’s unfortunate- but even sleeping can cause wrinkles! If you sleep with your face pressed a certain way for hours each night, you will notice lines which don’t fade throughout the day. You could change your sleeping position, so you’re lying on your back, or use a V shaped pillow. A silk or satin pillowcase can also be useful, as the slippy material doesn’t allow the face to bunch up in the same way.

You want to change up your daily routine believe me I know! Taking better care of your skin will keep you looking younger longer and we all want that.

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