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If you were to ask all of the women you know, what area of beauty concerns them the most, the chances are, everyone’s going to give you the same answer. Because it always comes down to skincare. It’s our biggest organ, it’s what makes us feel confident, and it just always seems to be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. You just need to learn how to work with your skin and avoid going against it. It took me years to find the right regime, so I wanted to make it easier for you

Whether you want to tackle acne or achieve a more youthful complexion, your skin goals don’t have to stay as dreams forever. Because transforming your skin doesn’t have to be an impossibility, you can actually make it happen quite easily, just by paying a little more attention to how you’re treating your skin, and what you’re putting on it.

Here we’re going to take a look at four common skin care concerns and what you can do to keep them in line.

The Concern: Aging

It’s safe to say, aging has got to be one of the biggest skin care concerns that we, as women, have. Whether you’re 25 or 55, nobody likes fine lines. We all want to ensure that our skin can stay as healthy, plump, and youthful looking as possible. And even when you look after your skin, there does come a time where you have to take action and work that little bit harder to try and get it looking good.

The Solution: Hand-Picked Products

So what can you do for your aging skin? Well, you really do have to be a lot more selective with both skin care and makeup. You need to really look out for makeup for aging skin that’ll make you look younger and adapt your makeup routine as you age. Skincare wise, you should be focusing on hydrating and plumping action products, whether you prefer serums, oils, or gels.

The Concern: Dry Skin

Another key contender for the most frustrating skin care concern is actually dry skin. Because having a dull, almost flakey looking complexion is not what we want. Although to some of you, it may be pretty obvious, there are different ways to tell if you have dry skin. Because it’s not always obvious. However, if your skin feels tight after cleansing, then it’s highly likely that you have dry skin.


The Solution: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

And when your skin is dry, you need to give it a moisture surge. Dry skin lacks the necessary oils that our skin produces to keep itself healthy and hydrated. So, you need to work on putting that moisture back in. Not only will a rich, nourishing face cream be essential for you here, but you may also benefit from using a night oil. And, above all else, you should focus on drinking for hydration to put life back into your skin too.

The Concern: Blemishes

Next, you might be suffering from the effects of having oil or combination blemish-prone skin. And this can be another frustrating skin care concern to work with. You may always want to cover yourself up to try and hide your skin type, but you need to do this carefully. Blemish-prone skin usually comes with bigger pores that can get blocked easily, do your skincare solutions need to be right.

skincare solutions

The Solution: Proactive Skin Care

You need to tread carefully. It’s essential that you can let your skin breathe, but you still need to feed it at the same time. Makeup-free days are good, cleansing is essential, and exfoliating is beneficial. You need to keep your skin clear from blockages, including dead skin, as well as hydrated if you want it to heal itself. Have you tried these skincare solutions yet?

The Concern: Sensitivity

But your skin may also be sensitive. Sometimes, you can have sensitive skin and aging, dry, or blemish-prone concerns too. This just means that you have to be a little more careful about how you treat your skin and the products you choose to use.

skincare solutions

The Solution: Kind-To-Skin Everything

So, from here, you need to be super kind to your skin with the right skincare solutions. You need to ensure that you avoid certain things, like steaming the skin, too much sun, heavy makeup and most scented products. Because all of these things are likely to irritate your skin and cause it to flare up. Instead, opt for organic, natural products that will be gentle on your skin, and still work to keep it clear and healthy.


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