Back Pain And Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need To Know

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The Truth About Spinal Cord Injuries

While typically this isn’t the type of topic I tackle, I know many have issues with back pain as have I in the past so I thought we would take a look at causes and spinal cord injuries. The more you know the better you can watch out for yourself, am I right?

The human body is so incredibly complex; but when everything is running well, you’re healthy and not in any pain, it’s so easy to forget this. But just like any machine, when one component goes wrong it can have disastrous consequences for everything else. One of the most serious non- organ injuries you can sustain on the body is damage to the spinal cord. Since this delivers messages to everywhere else in the body, one break can mean your life is changed forever. Read on for more information about spinal cord injuries.


What Are The Main Causes of Spinal Injuries

Right now in the US, motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injury. Any accident caused as a result of someone else’s bad decisions should be taken to a personal injury attorney. With something as serious as a spinal injury, compensation is essential for paying medical bills and keeping you afloat financially in such a difficult time.


Other causes include being shot, sports, falls and illnesses. Attempted hangings with suicide attempts have been shown to damage the spinal cord, and military injuries also account for a number of them.


What Is The Outlook Like For Spinal Injury Patients?

Spinal cord injuries can result in a total loss of function anywhere from the neck down- quadriplegia refers to the loss of sensation and movement in the arms and legs or paraplegia which doesn’t affect the arms. There are also  ‘incomplete’ injuries were some signals can travel past the damaged part of the spinal cord. Most spinal cord injuries usually result in at least some impairment, which at this moment is incurable. However, medicine is improving all the time, with breakthroughs in our knowledge, understanding, and treatment of the spinal cords happening all the time.

spinal cord Injuries


Experts believe stem cells are the answer and could help paralyzed people to walk again, with findings taking us ever closer to a working treatment in this area. People confined to a wheelchair can still go on to live a full and healthy life, although the adjustment period is likely to be tough. Plenty of support for both their mental and physical help is likely to be needed.


How Can I Prevent Spinal Cord Injuries?

Practising good health and safety techniques in the car, at work and in your personal life will help you to avoid injury in general including spinal cord injury. Never drive or operate machinery while you’re intoxicated, distracted or drowsy, and always be careful to follow the rules of the road including markings and speed limits. Ensuring your home and workplace are both safe will help prevent slips, trips and falls which could lead to spinal injury, especially in those who are already frail and vulnerable.


Loose carpets should always be secured, surfaces shouldn’t be left slippery, and stairs should have secure handrails. While some accidents are unavoidable, others can be prevented with a bit of common sense. Never dive into water of an unknown depth, don’t do silly things while you’re drinking and generally just be cautious.Have you had a Spinal Cord Injury?

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