spring fashion trendsSpring Fashion Trends: Brilliant Ways To Wear Skirts

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Pants, dresses, shorts – they’re all fine pieces of clothing, that you can style more ways than you could possibly count. But there is something eternal about the skirt, isn’t there?From the long, ankle-length skirts of history to the classic 60s mini that Mary Quant graced the world with, it’s arguably the most definitively feminine garment that has ever been created. Most of us have owned one and worn them, but despite their status as a coveted item that fashion just doesn’t want to forget… why do so many women eschew the skirt?

spring fashion trends


“I’m too embarrassed about my legs to wear a skirt!”

Body Image

Isn’t it interesting that women can be paranoid – encouraged by societal expectations – about absolutely everything? For one woman, she won’t wear a skirt because she feels her legs are too chunky. For another, it’s no-skirts-allowed because she feels her legs are too skinny. We can’t win!

It’d be tempting to say at this point that you should wear whatever you like – but no one likes feeling embarrassed, so that would be patronizing. Instead, it’s worth understanding that there are skirts for everyone. Experiment with lengths, fabrics, and waist height until you find something that flatters you – because it’s out there. Why shouldn’t you be in on Spring Fashion Trends?


If you still can’t stand the idea of your legs being on show and no maxi-skirt in the world is going to convince you of that, then consider doing something about it. Skirts are too prevalent in fashion to ignore. Leg exercises will solve both large and skinny concerns; a vein clinic is more than equipped to rid you of any unsightly marks, veins or blemishes; while a good method of hair removal is worth a thousand blunt razor cuts.


“I’m too old!”


Given that you’re reading this, let’s presume you’re alive – always a good bet. That means you’re not in any way too old to wear a skirt and enjoy this years spring fashion trends!

Sure, you might want to change the styles you wear – more below-the-knee midi than mini might be to your taste. But the Queen of England (who’s not so far from seeing her 100th birthday) doesn’t think that she’s too old to wear a skirt, surely you should have no such concerns!

spring fashion trends

“All skirts make my legs look short!”


This tends to be a problem if you’re wearing skirts that are too long for you. Midi skirts can be great, but anything that hits more than an inch below the knee and an inch above the ankle – well, it’s not a good look. You can sometimes make it work by pairing it with a high nude pair of heels (or, if you’re wearing black tights, black heels etc. – for the continuation of the leg line), but most often, an adjustment is your best bet.
If you take the time to find a good tailor, you will love your clothes more than you ever imagined. Clothes aren’t designed to fit all shapes and sizes, and if you’re 5’4”, then a skirt designed to hit below the knee on a 5’10” model is going to swamp you. If you fancy learning to sew, then lifting a hem is one of the most basic skills that you could master in a weekend.

Spring Fashion Trends always include skirts because they look amazing on everyone! Get a little sunshine!

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