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Wedding Planning Made Easy

Wedding planning can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. That’s a fact! You either decide on having lots of details or just take the basic principals of getting married and having a party to celebrate. So whatever wedding you are wanting to create here are some easy steps to get you on your way.


First off, get engaged

It goes without saying but getting engaged is one basic and important principle of wedding planning. You can’t start the process without that ring on your finger unless you want to frighten your partner, that is. However getting engaged can either be something you leave up to your partner or organize yourself. The great thing about this is choosing your own ring, so if you are lusting after that rose gold diamond engagement ring then it shall be yours.

Get some inspiration for the day

Some people have a clear vision of their wedding day, whereas other brides to be need a little more inspiration to help them get their creative juices flowing. This is where websites like Pinterest will become your new best friend.

Get yourself a planner and work out a budget

It’s important for you to keep all your notes and decisions made in one place, so a planner could be a vital tool for your wedding planning. That said it’s also crucial to decide your wedding budget. Costs can escalate throughout the planning process, so it’s important to know your limits.


Decide on the time of year and set a date

Deciding on the time of year is important to help with some of the decisions you make about your wedding. For example, a summer wedding might mean an outside ceremony which might not be possible during the winter months. Setting a date should also be high on your list of priorities in order to make inquiries for your venue, etc.

Consider your venue options

Your venue choice is key to your ceremony, it is the main factor and can often be one of the biggest costs you will have.

Are you going to have a wedding theme

A themed wedding is becoming a more fashionable trend recently. From using the seasons as your inspiration to showcasing your favorite movie, decide if you want to do something like this early on.

Choose your bridal party

The bridal party, the people you are relying on for those funny speeches and to help you get ready in the morning. Make sure you pick wisely and don’t feel obliged to include certain people.

Go dress shopping

Dress shopping is one of the best parts of wedding planning. Trying on those beautiful gowns in the hope of finding the one. A quick tip is to try on every kind of dress to see which style suits you best, what you think might not look good on you, might do.

Finalize a guest list and send out the invites

It’s time to finalize that all-important guest list and get your invites out. Doing this early ensures that your wedding is put in the diary, and allows you to confirm your numbers.

After that, it’s plain sailing from there. You will choose your flowers, ceremony music, and bridal party outfits. Amongst other things like the cake and venue dressing. But handling the basics and getting off to a good start ensures you stay on the right track. Happy Wedding planning!


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