injuryProtecting Your Mental Well-Being When Recovering From An Injury Or Accident

Who doesn’t dream of time off work and pampering from their loved ones? Most people would say it sounds like a dream. Until you add an injury into the mix. All of a sudden, it becomes a nightmare. Injuries have the ability to flaw us. There’s the obvious issue of pain, discomfort, and the inability to care for ourselves.

But, there’s also the endless hours of sitting in front of the television, and the frustration that comes with it. No one wants to get hurt, and no one enjoys the recovery process. But, the way you act during that time will determine how long it takes. It’ll also determine how much of an impact your injury has on your life. Here’s how to ensure your injury doesn’t hurt more than your health.




The stress of an injury can be severe. This is particularly the case if you enjoy your independence. Suddenly, you have to rely on other people for your basic needs. And, as a result, you may end up taking it out on the people trying to help.


It won’t be easy to keep your cool, but you need to remember that it’s the injury that’s frustrating you. No one likes to be reliant on others, but the people who are helping you don’t deserve your anger. Far from it, they deserve your thanks. If you feel yourself getting ready to lash out, take a deep breath. Remember where your anger lies, and make sure not to misdirect it. Snapping at a loved one could damage your relationship, and make things a lot harder.



It’s not easy to stay positive when you’re hurt. If you’re off work, you have a lot of time to dwell on what’s happened. Plus, you won’t have much ability to distract yourself. And, let’s be honest; daytime television can be depressing in itself. But, if you let yourself fall into a depression about what’s happened, it may take longer to recover. You may decide that your efforts are pointless, or that you’re never going to get better. And, if you’re thinking those things, they stand a better chance of coming true.


The best way to stay positive is to focus on the future. Keep your eyes on your recovery. It may also help to try to regain some of your independence. There are many mobility aids for sale which can help you do this. If you feel that you’re on the road to recovery, you’re less likely to find yourself in a dark place. Progress works wonders.

How to stay sane after an injury. Recovering from an injury can be boring and take its toll on mental health, here are some tips to help


As much as it’s important to look forward, it’s also crucial you don’t push yourself. Pushing yourself before you’re ready could do more damage than good, and set you back. In extreme cases, it can even worsen the injury. Before trying any form of exercise or movement, ask your doctor what they recommend. They may refer you to physio, or advise you of gentle exercises that should get things started.

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