Proven Benefits Of Strength Training For Women


strength training

As many of you may or may not know, about ten years ago I had a big weight-loss victory. I couldn’t have gotten there without working out. I tried everything to find the right exercise fit for me. Strength Training was it for me. I saw results start to happen in just a few weeks.

Why Strength Training

Let Me start by saying, before you start any program, especially if you are a beginner, you should take a session with a Personal Trainer. Many offer a free lesson. You need it to learn how to do the moves correctly without injury.

Cardio is important, but it isn’t going to give you the results that Strength Training does and here’s why. A third of a woman’s weight is muscle and that affects Metabolism. By burning more muscle you burn more calories, even when you don’t workout. Strength Training revs your body up to burn calories continuously for up to 24 hours. In ten weeks women have reported reducing body fat by 3% with just two to three sessions a week. What’s great is you gradually add weight opposed to reps and time to increase your results.

strength training
Real Wome Pump Iron

I have heard some women have concerns over their muscles becoming big like a man’s. That isn’t the case because our bodies weren’t meant to grow that way and proper stretching will elongate your muscles.

You should start twice a week utilizing a program that works your total body. Target exercises aren’t as effective. You want exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time.


Bodyweight moves are great but to keep progressing you want to add equipment to your regimen.There are many different choices and all offer different benefits and relate according to your fitness level and goals.

strength training


Kettlebell Workouts promote and create strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance. They mimic the natural movements you make with your body regularly so they are easy to incorporate into a routine. Kettlebells combine Cardio and Strength Training in a way that isn’t repetitive and monotonous like many machines can be.

strength training


Dumbbells are really a beginner staple and something you should have in a variety of weights, starting at 2 to 3 pounds. They are good to start with because they don’t cause the body to strain and are less likely to cause injury if you have missteps in your training.

strength training

Stability Ball

Stability Balls are amazing, especially if you have back issues and can’t lay o the floor. They ca be used for so many fitness tasks. This piece of gym equipment requires you to use a variety of muscles and prod your body to act as one. The major benefit is the stabilization for your neck and back. Stability Balls are often used to recover from injuries in Physical Therapy. They are fun and speed up your Metabolism.

strength training

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are often called Yoga Bands and used in Yoga and Pilates as well as, Strength Training. Made of strong, thin rubber and come in a variety of types depending on your fitness level.


There are so many moves you can use them for, providing the benefits of Stamina and Range of Movement. A plus is, they are portable, you can easily store the bands and carry them with you.

It is always a good idea to mix up your workout plan with different forms of exercise. Strength Training provides great results with numerous benefits including reducing bone loss, boosting your brain function ad preventing Dementia.

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Shari Eberts

Great fitness tips. I really like using the yoga/resistance bands as well.


Thanks for the great tips! I feel a lot of women need to know that they should really pick up some weights to help their exercise routine. I personally love kettle bells and dead lifts

Dottie Dynamo

Great Post! I feel so many women are turned off by strength training and afraid of the weights at the gym and end up just doing cardio. Such a helpful post for those who don’t know where to start.


Kettlebells is THE thing here now. It is said to be very good for your back , which I really doubt regarding the heavier weight ones. A good friend of mine is a personal trainer and certified kettlebell instructor , looking at her upper arms , I would not want to fall out with her , tho 🙂

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