How Stress Affects Your Mind And Body

We all get stressed out and anxious from time to time. You might have issues at work, a health issue or financial concerns. But too much stress can have a negative and unhealthy effect on our mind and body if left unmanaged. From overeating to severe headaches, it can cause a number of issues that can make your life challenging. It can also affect your relationships, work life and productivity. Managing your anxiety and knowing the symptoms is your best defense. Here are some typical examples of the effects stress can have on your mind and body, which you need to look out for.
Problems with sleeping
We all know how essential good quality sleep is. But if you are feeling stressed, it can be difficult to nod off or get a whole night’s sleep. You may find that your sleep pattern varies dramatically and that you feel fatigued throughout the day. Lack of sufficient sleep can increase your chances of developing health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. You can also develop a condition known as Adrenal Fatigue, which you can read about at Sleeping problems can limit the time your body has to rejuvenate and heal itself, which stops it from working at it’s best.
Increased irritability
Another common effect of excessive stress is increased irritability. A friend might say a word incorrectly or your partner might be tapping a pen. The smallest thing can fill you with anger and you will be more likely to lash out at those around you. This can put a strain on your relationship with your partner, children and work colleagues. Over time, this can worsen and breakdown these relationships altogether. Potentially leaving you unemployed and alone. It also increases your chances of starting altercations when in public which could lead to accidents and injury. This irritability can be minor to begin with but develop as your stress and anxiety continue. To find out more, visit
While overeating is a common effect of stress, so is undereating. Stress and anxiety can take over your mind and take away your appetite completely. Leaving you uninspired to cook or eat anything. Unsurprisingly, this too can stop your body from working at an optimal level. If your stress continues, this can cause you to lose weight, feel weak and even develop an eating disorder. Not eating can also make your stress harder to deal with as you won’t have the energy or strength you need. This can make this seem worse than they actually are. The nutrients in fruit and vegetables are known to help us stay emotionally balanced. So sticking to a healthy diet and eating reasonable portions is paramount. Especially when you are under stress.
Now you know the effects that excessive stress can have, it will be far easier to find a suitable outlet. You could try meditation, breathing techniques or exercise to release the negativity and to help you relax. If you feel that you are unable to manage, see your doctor or talk to a counselor.

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