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Clothing Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Loved Wardrobe


The Clothing Apparel industry is mega huge! Raking in roughly 12 billion a year! I checked out the statistics and it is reported that the average American family spends 1200 a year on clothes. Well, I’m saying that number is low, I spend more than that in a year on myself. I was recently asked to write about how I care for my clothes and clothing care. It was honestly something that made me roll my eyes at first. What’s to write about, I wash them, I dry them, I put them on.

Then I stopped and took a few moments to ponder the topic and realized how important it is. Why? Because when you think about how much you spend on clothes and how much you throw out because you didn’t properly care for them it is amazing. We all have had those events where we wash something wrong and poof it’s child sized. That is effectively throwing your money in the trash not only that but think about how much you loved it when you bought it.


clothing care guide

I admit to being lazy when it comes to the very idea of caring for my clothes which have greatly appalled my mother who is fanatical about the very subject. She still has clothes from years ago and not only that they look brand spanking new! It got me to thinking how much money it would save if I actually cared for my loved items the right way. I did a little research and was surprised at what I found and you will be too

Clothing Care Tips You Might Not Know

Most washing machines today have a hand wash cycle.

Handwashing is actually better than dry cleaning

Never wring out your clothes

clothing care guide

To maintain the shape of your items you should always: Empty pockets and lay flat to dry

Store your jeans in the freezer to prevent odor and wash inside out

Wait five minutes after ironing to get dressed otherwise it will just wrinkle up again.

Your clothes need to breathe. How many of us stuff our closets? This is bad, instead, it is wise to invest in a closet organizer to ensure everything has enough room to breathe.

clothing care guide

Clothing Care Tags: What Do The Symbols Even Mean?

So now we want to take care of our clothes and we read the clothing care label and there are these symbols, what do they mean? I remember back in the day where it was simple there were actual words like “Dry Clean Only”. Now there are these symbols that I suppose were supposed to make the process easier but are just confusing. So we ignore them and wind up messing everything up.

It made me feel stupid honestly and I thought it was just me but it turns out it’s not. I am not alone! There is a large number of people also confused by this according to the survey ran by Data Label The truth is over half of those surveyed said they found the clothing care labels confusing. Check out the article below to find out more


Data Label didn’t stop there, they created this awesome infographic to help


Clothing care should be just important as buying the clothes to make your much-loved garments last longer. I hope these tips help you to look your fabulous best!

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