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I’m sure that most of us are now starting to think about booking our summer holidays and vacations. Let’s face it; it’s pretty much the only thing that gets us through the long weeks of work. Knowing that somewhere around the corner there’s a killer vacation waiting. So, let’s talk about destinations. Where are you going? The classic choices are somewhere tropical with beautiful sandy beaches and aqua water. Or, perhaps a popular destination like Disney World. If you have kids, or you’re a big kid yourself, it’s the perfect place. But there is one problem with ideas such as sandy beaches and awesome theme parks. It sounds great at first. Then you realize that everyone is heading there at the same time as you. Instead, you could try something completely different, and it’s here that I present to you the idea of Alaska.
A summer vacation far away from the boundaries of urban life. Instead, you’ll be able to escape into the wilderness for an experience that you’ll never forget. Here are some of the incredible benefits of a holiday in Alaska this year.

No People

If you hate the crowds, Alaska is the destination for you. The state is deserted. In fact, if you ever choose to move there, you’ll be given ten thousand on the day you buy a home. That’s how desperate they are to bring people into the country. So, if you head over there, you won’t run into thousands of others sharing the same vacation. It’s the perfect form of isolation. But don’t let the low population numbers fool you. Alaska is a gorgeous and picturesque landscape.

Beautiful Scenery

Alaska is truly stunning. It’s natural beauty rivals some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. A lot of people are put off visiting Alaska because it is quite isolated away from everything else. But if you travel there, you’ll find an incredible location, just waiting to be explored. When you explore Alaska, you’ll be able to climb up lush green hills or swim in Aqua blue lakes. You might even be able to discover a glacier and go skiing depending on when you visit. It’s a location just brimming with possibilities.

Safari Adventure

One of those possibilities is to see how many different animals you can encounter in the Alaskan wilderness. On a trail, you might come face to face with a grizzly bear. Or see a bald eagle soaring high overhead. Take a boat trip and you could see some whales or seals playing in the water. If you do travel by boat, you’ll also be able to uncover secret caves and coves hidden on the Alaskan shores. If you’re a nature lover, forget about an African safari and try an Alaskan safari instead.

Adventure Time

Finally, with that beautiful landscape comes the chance for great adventure. Whether you want to try kayaking, rock climbing or abseiling; it’s all available in Alaska. But rather than being packed with safety gear in a hot and humid environment, you’ll be exploring in a chilled winter wonderland. Once you get there, I know you’ll love it and have the time of your life.  

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