Surprising Regrets Women Have After Trying To Improve Their Looks!




Top Beauty Regrets For Women

We are always trying to change the way we look. In fact, some reports found that over 95% of women criticize their own look every single day! But people who try and make changes to their looks often regret it after the event.

For example, Friends Star Courteney Cox recently admitted she regrets all the plastic surgery she has had done over the years. Therefore, you need to think carefully about changes before making a decision. Here are some surprising regrets women have after trying to improve their looks!




Top Ways Women Change Their Looks


Fad Diets


You might struggle to believe that some of us spend nearly all our lifetime on fad diets. A lot of women go from one fad diet to the next in the hope of losing those pesky pounds. And even when they do lose the weight, they often end up putting it back on as it’s a short-term solution.



Therefore, you need to make sure you are making lifestyle changes which are easier to implement if you want to lose the pounds. That way, you will lose the weight healthily over time and won’t have to keep going on fad diets. If you do have a problem with your weight, talk to your doctor who will recommend a dietitian to help you.



Not Thinking Through Cosmetic Surgery


A lot of women are going under the knife to change their body. Whether they are not happy with their face or their breast size, it’s becoming more common to go for cosmetic surgery. However, a lot of people regret not thinking it through properly before having it done. They wish they waited till they were a bit older before going under the knife.

Also, a lot of people wish they had researched more about the different treatments. Therefore, you need to ensure you are clued up on exactly what will happen during the procedure and the consequences after. Also, you should read up on different types of surgery available so that you find the best one for you. For example, you may prefer to go for breast augmentation holidays which gives you more time to recover. Therefore, make sure you consider it all carefully before going under the knife.


Listening To Boyfriends


It’s a sad fact that sometimes our relationships can cause us to change things about our body. Whether it’s hair color or our weight, it’s never good to make a difference for a man. In fact, many women say they regret making changing their looks because they listened to boyfriends about how they look.

Therefore, if he tries to encourage you to change, tell your man that he has to love the way you are. After all, it’s a big warning sign that he’s a bad boyfriend and should be dumped if he’s trying to control how you look!
Remember to try and love your body. After all, we are all unique and have great features that we should try and love!

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