Today more women than men are getting tattoos and lots of em. Statistically, 20 percent of women have tattoos. 59 percent to the 41 percent of men. It has become a culture and is now more accepted than ever. Truth is, most of us don’t know many people who don’t have at least one.
Women who had tattoos or body modification used to be thought of as loose and impulsive, A study was done with men under thirty to see who they would be more likely to approach, a woman with visible tattoos or not. Usually, it was the women with tattoos and they stated they thought they would be more sexually available.


The first recorded instance of a woman sporting a tat was Olivia Oatman. It is written that her family was killed by Native Americans and she was sold to the Mohave People who tattooed her face. She became quite famous after that and her dramatic tale was never verified, so who knows.


There are tips that are wise to follow. Always do your research, It is much the same as picking a doctor. Ask people you know, even look online for reviews. Visit the Tattoo Shop beforehand and check for cleanliness. A pro recommended making sure you check for Inspection Certifications.
Don’t get a tattoo on a whim. Take some time to think about it. One person said, avoid trendy tattoos. We all remember the tribal designs or the tramp stamp. Chinese symbols is another trendy tattoo that everybody was getting.
Think very hard about where you are getting the tattoo. Discrimination is an ugly thing but employers are within their legal rights to refuse you a job based on tattoos or piercing.


The reasons vary, but I get a sense that feminism plays a small role in it. We are told how we should look and there is a certain liberation to going against and having a say in what we should look like. It is Art. A lot of women say it is a physical reminder of some sort. Maybe remembering someone or an event or even a purpose.

 heidi tattoo



I have, to be honest, and say I did not take the time to think about mine. I had just drastically changed my life and it was always one of those things I wanted to do. I saw this black rose and it spoke to me. For me, it did signify death in a way. The death of an old me I didn’t want to be anymore.


I asked a few women to speak on tattoos. I asked them to tell me how many they had. Why tattoos and if there was any meaning behind them.
What advice they would give a newbie.  First is a beautiful woman who has been like a sister to me for many years. She has close to twenty tattoos.
  Advice, do research. Look at the tattoo artists artwork and many others.
I love the artwork. I’m in love with the way it looks on my body. It boosts my self-esteem and I’ve found artists who know how to portray myself and them.
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. I decided that I wanted a permanent reminder of the special meaning they both hold. I knew that I would never want to get them removed and that I would be happy with them forever!
 The stars on my wrist is a tattoo that I got with my mom. The stars represent us. When I was younger we were in a program called Indian Maidens through the YMCA and we were blessed by a Native American chief who gave us Native American names.
 Mine is Little Star and my moms are Dancing Star. Those memories of that program and my childhood with my amazing mother will never be forgotten as I have a permanent reminder on my body to look at every day.
The symbol on the back of my neck represents “total love.” I got this tattoo with my grandma and it not only represents the incredible love in my life, but also the special bond we share!
 Make sure it is something that you will never regret getting! If it has special meaning, make sure that meaning could never be corrupted. I thought that even if I had a falling out with my mom or grandma that I would still enjoy the good memories. This obviously hasn’t happened, but always think of the worst case scenario. 
If you are getting the tattoo for some beautiful body art, make sure it’s something you won’t get tired of. I recommend thinking about the design for at least a year before committing. If you still love it in a year, there’s a good chance you’ll love it the rest of your life! 
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 All of my tattoos have a meaning for me. I decided early on that each one would be a representation of something important. A memory of sorts or a feeling that I knew I would always carry with me. That is the reason I had them permanently inked on my body. 
Even the first which was done out of rebellion, my coming of age and into my own if you will. I have always been a firm believer and have taught my children the year and a day rule. If you want to get something permanent – pick your design and put it in front of you for a year. 
This tests your commitment. If, after a year of looking at this design, you still want it permanently on your body – the next day I will pay for it to be done no matter how old you are.
 This is an easy one. Never get names unless they are your children or ancestors. Never get something to match someone else unless (see sentence 1). Never get something you are not committed to for an extended period of time. Lastly, never get a tattoo in a place that doesn’t smell like a doctor’s office.
The majority of my tattoos are actually related to my oldest son. I have 1 tattoo on my back which was done by my son. I will never let anyone change it or do another on my back – the meaning is that only Anthony has my back.
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