technologyThe Importance Of Technology To Bloggers & Freelancers

Without modern technology, many freelance businesses wouldn’t be able to run effectively, while blogs would be non-existent. The appeal of working in a freelance capacity stems from having no boss and being able to work from home at a time that’s convenient for you


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. For these reasons, and because the idea of working for yourself sounds so glamourous, more and more people are choosing to go down the freelance route, working remotely from home. Many freelancers are also bloggers who can’t make a livable income from their blog alone, and so they choose to combine freelancing and blogging.


While freelancing (and blogging too) has some incredible opportunities for success, it’s important to realize that like with any small business, there will be challenges. There’s a common misconception that success comes easily, but the fact is that to succeed as a freelancer (or as a blogger), it takes time, patience, and perseverance. The key to success as a freelancer and as a blogger is technology – for any small or virtual business, technology really is vital. There would be no way that most of the small businesses that we see today would succeed if it wasn’t for technology.


To learn more about how important a technology is for freelancers and bloggers, and how it can be utilized to boost your chances of success when running a freelance business or blog, read on.


Why is technology vital for freelancers and bloggers?




The fact is that freelancers and virtual businesses, such as blogs, for instance, are built around technology, and without it, they would fall apart. For virtual ventures, technology is what a business is built around, which means that without it, there would be no business. Most virtual businesses, such as blogs, have a website that is their main hub, which means that without it, there would be no business. For most virtual ventures, their website is the heart of their company.


For all businesses, technology has become a vital tool – something that it would be almost impossible to function without, from useful systems and software to innovative tools and gadgets. However, for virtual ventures, technology is at the very forefront of their business, without it, they would be non-existent.


Before the digital revolution, the concept of working remotely or running a business virtually without a business premises would have been completely impossible. Think about it, how many virtual businesses were there before the digital revolution? Not only has technology provided a platform for virtual businesses and freelancers, but it has also opened up a range of new roles within different industries, many of which are made to suit remote workers and freelancers.


What technology is useful for freelancers and bloggers, and why?




It’s clear that for freelancers and bloggers, technology is a vital tool, and without it, their businesses couldn’t function or continue to run. However, what you may not know is what pieces of technology are vital and what aren’t, and why that is.


The internet is the most incredible piece of technology that we will most probably ever see. Is there anything that this incredible network of websites and resources can’t do? For virtual businesses, the internet is not only a platform for running their ventures from via a website or blog but also a resource for all sorts of other things. From marketing via social media to watching webinars from women in tech mentors and other specialists in the field, the internet has become a crucial resource for virtual businesses, and always will be. It not only allows them to run and trade, but also to learn, develop their skills, and grow their business. Without the internet, virtual businesses and blogs would cease to exist.


For virtual businesses of all shapes and sizes, software is a vital resource. Whether it’s software for creating graphics, sending emails, or creating product designs, for businesses of all shapes and sizes, software is a vital tool. For virtual businesses and freelancers, software is even more important as it can make the process of running a small business (or blog) easier, as well as increasing the chances of success. From software made to make time management easier to software that allows you to hold video meetings, there are so many incredible pieces of tech that virtual businesses can utilize.


A lot of businesses use social media as a key tool for marketing, but for bloggers and freelancers, it’s even more crucial. When you run a business virtually, social media can often be your only customer base – the only way to spread the word about what you are able to offer, which is why utilizing it becomes even more important. That’s why ensuring that your social media channels, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Google Plus, are always kept up to date is so important. Because it’s these channels that drive people to your website, as well as tools like content marketing. Content marketing a great tool for helping to increase website traffic is content marketing and is a popular form of inbound marketing.


There are a lot of computer programs and apps, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver that are useful for businesses and freelancers. These programs are no longer only available in PC form, they are now also available for smartphones and tablets, making it easier for freelancers to complete work wherever they are, whether that’s in their home office or on the train to a meeting.


What would happen without technology?




Without technology, freelance businesses and blogging ventures would no longer exist. While businesses with a physical premises would continue to trade, for virtual companies, freelancers, and bloggers, it would be impossible to continue their ventures without technology and the internet, and its many resources.


Technology is such a vital tool for companies of all shapes and sizes and has become embedded in the industry. However, for companies that are run remotely, or for virtual businesses, such as blogs, technology like the internet isn’t only useful, it’s a vital tool – one that they could not function without.


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