Can Technology Really Improve Our Health?


Technology And Our Health

Technological advancements are being made all the time, advancements which make our lives easier, more efficient, or enriched. Technology has always been used by the world of healthcare to do just that, improve our lives. From X-ray machines to surgical practices, technology has been a huge benefit to health. So what are the new clever pieces of tech that are entering the health industry, and can they improve our quality of life?

Can Technology Really Improve Our Health?

Technology That Looks After You From Afar

This is a huge step forward for any patients who need to be checked up on whilst they’re at home. There are certain tools that enable you to monitor your own health at home. Not only does this ease up the pressure on doctor’s surgeries around the country, but it can also save times and money.

Home health monitoring systems, like pacemakers, send data automatically to remote health centers, communicating how the patient with heart disease is doing. Monitoring from a distance, these tools are essential for anyone living with a chronic illness.

Similarly, advancements in telecommunication have meant that a new type of healthcare is emerging, telemedicine. In areas where it can be difficult to get to a hospital quickly, or there is a lack of healthcare resources, telehealth allows patients to instantly have an input from a doctor.


Take Health Into Your Own Hands

Can Technology Really Improve Our Health?


Other technological advancements have meant that we can take control of our health ourselves. The rise of e-cigarettes is proof that we are using technology to our advantage without having to seek help from a doctor at every juncture in life. Sites like sell flavored liquid for e-cigarettes which make them popular amongst those looking to quit smoking for good, on their own.

Similarly, we know have apps and devices which can measure our sleep, track the number of steps we walk and logs our workouts for us. This lets us take control of our own health and be accountable for it.

Technology as a Treatment

Can Technology Really Improve Our Health?


Technology is even starting to be considered as a treatment in itself. Certain researchers and start-up companies are looking into apps that will enhance patient’s clinical care. All whilst equipping them with some real-time data for doctors. These smartphone applications appeal to younger patients as a familiar tool they are used to using. The apps aim to help patients better manage their illnesses, track their progress, and engage with their treatment team.


Can Technology Improve our Quality of Life?

Absolutely. Technology is a hugely useful aid which has made treatments far more accessible and changed the face of healthcare. Patients are treated more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Information about patient progress is tracked and stored reliably and safely too. Lab results are also available for patients sooner, and with much higher levels of accuracy than ever before.Technology has undeniably helped the healthcare industry.


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