Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Is It Time for Divorce?


divorceIf you’re reading this, chances are your marriage has hit a rough spot. But is it really time to start thinking about divorce? Separating from your partner is a lengthy, costly and emotionally turbulent process. From discussing the idea of divorce, to finding the right divorce lawyer, to finally signing the dreaded documents.


Are You Truly Considering A Divorce, Or Are You Merely Making An Empty Threat?


Many people find themselves threatening divorce as a last resort to be taken seriously in a relationship. It is often employed as a warning threat that your confidence in your relationship is wavering. However, this isn’t the best way to go about things.

If you regularly threaten divorce but never go through with the process, your partner may feel as though you are the boy who cried wolf. They may not take a later, sincere request to end a marriage seriously.


Why Are You Considering Divorce?


Divorce is a life changing decision. Untying the knot will result in a complete lifestyle change for you. It will also affect your spouse and any children you may have, so it is important that it isn’t a brash decision and is what you actually want.

Sit down and make a list of all the reasons you are considering your return to single life. Is your partner not making enough effort? Have you grown distant? Is there a lack of respect in your relationship? Do you suspect your spouse has been unfaithful? You can rectify some issues; some may be unforgivable. Discuss these problems with your partner and decide whether you can work your way through them.



Many couples opt for therapy or counseling before considering divorce. However, it is better to attend marriage counseling sooner rather than later. It is much easier to address and rectify problems as they begin to arise than once they are fully established. Both parties must also be willing to partake in sessions, or they will be entirely ineffective.

How Divorce Works

It is important that you remember that divorce is a legal process. It is not as simple as signing a document. You need to play by certain rules. At a basic level, for an amicable divorce, there a three steps.

  1. Filing a divorce petition. You must apply to the court for permission to divorce. This involves detailing reasons for getting divorced.
  2. Applying for a divorce. If both you and your spouse amicably agree on the divorce, you can request a decree nisi. This is the simplest way to divorce.
  3. Applying for a divorce. Six weeks after the completion of the decree nisi, you can apply for a divorce, which formally ends the marriage.

If one partner doesn’t agree to the divorce, the process is more complicated and will most likely require professional intervention.



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