How To Plan A Honeymoon You’ll Never Forget!

Getting married – it’s what dreams are made of, right? It’s the day us women dream of once we’re old enough to understand why women appear in pictures in big white dresses. Getting married is supposed to be one of, if not the best day of our lives, yet often the excitement is lost in transition amongst the stress, fear and pressure of making sure everything is perfect.

As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, we’re then supposed to whizz off into the sunset on the most amazing trip of a lifetime to start married life together how we mean to go on. We desperately want both our wedding day and honeymoon to be unforgettable, but certainly not for all the wrong reasons.

One way to be sure that it all works out perfectly is to plan it all ahead. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you plan every single hour of your honeymoon. You don’t need an itinerary instructing you when to eat when to take a romantic stroll on the beach or of course when to return to the comfort of your bedroom… of course not. However, being organized won’t do either of you any harm, so follow this easy guide on how to have the perfect honeymoon.

  1. Be in mutual agreement

You’re embarking on a completely new stage in your life when getting married. It might not feel that much different, but it certainly is more than just a few signatures on a piece of paper. You don’t want to be arguing all holiday because only one of you is happy to be there, so make sure you both agree on what type of honeymoon you BOTH want.


Chances are you’ll hopefully agree, as you’re getting married for a reason. But if one of you is desperate to climb Mount Kilimanjaro whilst the other just wants to sip cocktails for an entire fortnight, that conversation will clearly need to be had before booking.

  1. Budget, budget, budget

I know, budgeting is probably the last thing you want to be considering when you’re already saving up for the big day. Of course, you want the actual wedding to be perfect, but you don’t want to have to slum it out or starve on your honeymoon because you decided that guests really needed handcrafted door hangers in their wedding goody bags.

These tips are great if you want to learn how to budget a honeymoon and that way, you won’t have to miss out on all the amazing activities you’ve both envisioned in the lead up to the wedding.

  1. Alternative gift list for guests

No one likes getting friends or family the same old wedding gifts, but it just seems entirely appropriate to bestow blenders and 3 piece pan sets on newlyweds. If you have all that stuff sorted (it’s not exactly like you don’t already live together by the time you’re walking down the aisle), link your friends and family to a list you’ve made on buyourhoneymoon.com where they can help contribute towards honeymoon expenses.

  1. Let someone else do the planning for you

If you want to focus purely on making sure the actual wedding is perfect, then perhaps giving someone else the reigns is the best option for you both. There are amazingly good websites out there that offer tailormade honeymoon packages, so it’s worth a look at the very least.

  1. Be prepared for bedroom activities

Come on ladies, it’s the honeymoon… and you know what they say about couples in the honeymoon period. There’s a reason why so many babies appear within a year of couples marrying – honeymoon sex is an absolute given.

Make sure you’re ready for action by taking the necessary steps needed for you to feel comfortable in the bedroom. Get a bikini wax booked in just before, buy some sexy bridal lingerie and  consider tablets like utovlan to delay your period.

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  1. Shout it off the rooftops that it’s your honeymoon

Hey, why not? You should be gooey eyed about having committed to spending the rest of your life with the one you love the most anyway, but why not try to get a freebie or two while you’re at it? Mention it to everyone you can – the travel agent booking your holiday, receptionists at the hotel, … you never know how many bottles of champagne or boxes of chocolate can be spared until you ask hint, right? Simply dropping in the fact you’re newlyweds on your honeymoon could bag you a hotel room upgrade or a candlelit dinner on the house!

  1. Consider alternatives

Don’t feel pressured into having a honeymoon in the Bahamas just because it seems like that’s what is expected of you. Walking hand in hand across the beach as the sun goes down is paradise for some, but it doesn’t mean that honeymoons are a one size fits all.



If laying around in the sun feeding each other strawberries isn’t really your thing then make sure you do something with your honeymoon that is. If you want to party it up in Ibiza or snowboard on the Alps for a few weeks after getting married then make sure you do just that!

  1. Check in with the weather experts

Whilst checking the weather beforehand isn’t going to make any difference to the actual weather itself, it will give you the opportunity to ensure you’re appropriately dressed and prepared for your trip. Freak weather could mean your sunny holiday in the Dominican Republic actually ends up being a rain fest, but knowing in advance means you can think of some alternative ways to spend your time together when holed up in the hotel.

  1. Not to mention names, but…

You really need to think about this one in advance! If you’re going to be changing your name after getting married and are wanting to travel under your new name (the likelihood is you’ll want to tell absolutely anyone that you can that you’re now “Mrs. Smith”), make sure you remember to change your travel documents to match.

Planning your honeymoon is just as important as the wedding! I hope these tips help you make the leap into your life together magical.

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