insomniaInsomnia Tips To Guarantee A Good Night’s Sleep

There is nothing worse than spending a few hours tossing and turning in bed. If your night continues like that for a few hours, then you might end up feeling like rubbish the next day! You will wake up exhausted and could find that your energy levels and motivation really dwindle! Insomnia sucks.


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Thankfully, these sleepless nights are very rare, and you won’t have to deal with them so often. If you do find that they start recurring on a regular basis, though, you might be suffering from insomnia.


Insomnia is a medical condition that makes it very hard for sufferers to fall asleep. Some sufferers may find it fairly easy to fall asleep, but they might end up waking up in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. No matter how your insomnia manifests, it can be an extremely frustrating health condition to live with as it also impacts your days and not just nights. That’s because it will leave you exhausted and quite stressed out.




There are quite a few different causes of insomnia. If you realize that one of these is the cause, then tackling it head on should help you start to sleep again.




 If someone is very stressed, they might find that this keeps them wide awake at night. That’s because all the stressful thoughts and worries will be floating around their head while they are trying to sleep. The best way to beat this is to try and solve the stress. You might find that stress-relieving practices, such as Yoga and mindfulness, can really help beat stress and promote a good night’s sleep.


Drinking Too Much Caffeine

There are lots of drinks, including coffee, tea, and Coca-Cola, that are filled with caffeine. This is a chemical that wakes the body up and makes it extremely difficult to fall asleep at night. Once you do fall asleep, the chemical will make it easier for you to wake up through the night. So, you should try and cut down on your caffeine intake in the evening. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee or regular tea, why not warm up with a mug of chamomile tea, as it has been proven to help the body drift off to sleep.


Uncomfy Beds


If you are trying to sleep on an old or lumpy mattress, you will really struggle! It will also be worth replacing any old bed linen with some new Plumeria Bay comforters. Once your bed is as comfortable as possible, you will find that it’s a lot easier to get to sleep at night. Also, you won’t ever wake up with neck or back ache again!

Bedroom Temperature Imbalance

One other reason why you may be awake all night is that the temperature of your bedroom might be all wrong. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Otherwise, you will really struggle to get cozy and fall asleep! Keep some blankets close to your bed so you can quickly pull one over you if your room starts to cool. Then you can throw it off if you start to feel too hot.



As you can see, the causes of insomnia are wide and varied. And, as a result, there are a few different methods you can use to try and cure your insomnia. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular ones that people use.


Only Go To Bed When You Feel Tired


Your body will tell you when it is time to go to bed. And it does that by making you feel tired! Ideally, you should only go to bed once you feel tired. If you go before this feeling sets in, you will end up lying in bed awake for ages! Don’t worry if that means you end up staying up slightly later than usual. At least you won’t be awake in bed for so long! If this pushes your bedtime back slightly, you might feel a bit tired when you wake up in the morning. Eventually, the body will adjust to this, and you might find that you need to go to bed a bit earlier to accommodate it.



Darken Your Bedroom


Don’t worry – you don’t have to get the paint and a paintbrush out to paint your bedroom black! By darkening your bedroom, I just mean you should ensure that there is no light from anywhere shining in. Excessive light in a bedroom can be very distracting, and you might end up staying awake as a result. There are various ways you can ensure that there is no light coming through into your bedroom. One of the best things you can do is add blackout blinds.


These look just like regular blinds that you roll down in front of your windows. The only difference is that blackout blinds are much more effective at completely blocking out all the light from outside. So, you will never find it hard to fall asleep again, even if there is a streetlight right outside your bedroom window! If you think that blackout blinds won’t suit your current bedroom decor, you can always use an eyemask.


Read Before Bed


Many people find that reading in bed can be very relaxing and can greatly help them unwind before they have to try and sleep. Lots of people take a book up to bed with them so that they can read in the comfort of their bed. This also gives the body a chance to adjust to being in bed and the temperature in the bedroom.


When you are choosing a book to read before you go to sleep, you should look for one that isn’t too mentally exhilarating. Otherwise, it will wake your mind up, and your mind could end up working overtime while you are trying to drop off! Some really good books for bedtime include Tracy K. Smith’s Life on Mars and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.



Stop Napping Through The Day


The chances are that your insomnia makes you feel extremely tired and sleepy throughout the day. As a result, you might be tempted to take a nap if you ever get the chance.  But this can actually be very detrimental to your sleeping patterns! Ideally, you need to resist the urge to nap and try to stay awake all day.


If you do nap, it will be reducing the amount of sleep your body and mind needs at night. Because of this, you will then find it very difficult to get to sleep to start off with. Once you do fall asleep, you might wake up constantly through the night because your body doesn’t need as much sleep as you might normally without any napping. If you find that you really do need a nap in order to get through the day, you should always limit it to no longer than 20 minutes.


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Try Some Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Lots of people who suffer from insomnia swear by cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This is when you use behavioral changes to improve your sleeping pattern. For example, you might start to go to bed at a set time or decide to get out of bed within 20 minutes of waking up. By putting these behavior changes into practice, you are adding a cognitive aspect to them because you are actively thinking about them.


People use CBT to challenge their negative thoughts and connotations with certain situations. One study showed that insomnia patients who took part in some CBT managed to improve their sleep patterns in six weeks. If you are interested in starting a course of CBT, you should speak to your doctor or find a course online.


Don’t Exercise In The Evening


Exercising is necessary as part of a healthy lifestyle, and it can bring about many positive health benefits, such as a maintained weight loss. But exercise is also necessary for tiring yourself out before bedtime. However, you need to carefully time your workouts. That’s because exercising too close to your bedtime can actually wake up the body and brain, and, as a result, you will find that it is incredibly difficult for you to fall asleep. Ideally, you should not do any workouts or exercises at least four hours before you decide to go to bed. This will then give your body and mind plenty of time to unwind and prepare for sleep.



Try Not To Sleep In


If you have had a particularly bad night’s sleep, you might be tempted to sleep in, especially if it is the weekend. Unfortunately, this could be doing you more harm than good. If you sleep in for too long, you will find that you experience symptoms that are similar to jet lag. So, it’s a good idea to try and wake up at the same time each day. By doing that, you will also find that your body gets into a habit that can help promote a good quality of sleep.


So, there you have it – how to stop insomnia in its tracks!


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