Why You Should Go On An Epic Road Trip in 2017

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Road Trip

Great Reasons To Take A Road Trip

Have you had ‘go on a Road Trip’ scribbled on your travel bucket list for as long as you can remember, but have never done anything about it? If so, 2017 is the year you should definitely change that! Traveling is one of those things I truly love and I have lived all over the country!

 Hiring a campervan or an RV is easy, but be aware many states require special licensing and endorsements to operate a RV. And once you have your vehicle you have a way to both travel and sleep for the duration of your trip. It’s an incredible way to cover a lot of distance and see lots of different locations, so if you’re on the fence just go for it! Here are some of the reasons you should go on an epic road trip in 2017.


It’s Inexpensive


Compared with sleeping in fancy hotels and dining in restaurants every night, road tripping is inexpensive. You can sleep in the RV just about anywhere, providing it’s safe and legal, or pay a small amount for an RV hookup in a campsite.

This includes things like electricity and wifi. You can pack a cool-bag and make stops at grocery stores for food which allows you to eat well but without spending a fortune.



As with backpacking, it’s a more humble way of seeing the world, but with a road trip, you don’t have to wait around for unreliable public transport or lug a big pack around wherever you go.


You Can See Incredible Sights

You might be on the roads for a lot of the time, but a road trip basically gives you the flexibility to go anywhere and see anything you want. You could plan a journey yourself or just see where the roads take you. If you want a little more structure you could follow a set route, in America there are many cross country routes that are mapped out for people to follow.

For example, one north to a south route is dubbed ‘The Road To Nowhere’ which starts in North Dakota. Here you could camp in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and drive to see sites including Dakota Zoo and Fargo air museum. It continues south through to South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma before finishing in Texas. Here you could visit the Nasa space center in Houston and camp out in Big Bend National Park or somewhere like Galveston RV Parks.



It Gives You Freedom

If you’re used to flying to a destination and lying on the beach for two weeks, a road trip is a whole other ball game. The journey is just as fun as the destinations themselves, and you can cram a whole lot of adventure into a short space of time. When you’re on a road trip, you can go anywhere you want. You’re not confined to a resort or tourist area. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of being out on the open road. Whether you want to follow a set path or map your own, it’s all up to you.


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L Duffy

Please be aware that 17 states require a special license or an endorsement in order to drive certain recreational vehicles.
Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to see what you may need. Remember without being properly licensed in your home state of residence you may get a fine or worse yet, be denied any insurance payout if involved in an accident. Always be safe on the road.


I would love to do an epic road trip. I never really considered this until coming to the states. In the UK, this is not so much of a big deal – not sure why. Probably because you can get from one end of the country to another in 1 day!

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