4 Trending Girly Gadgets You Will Want Right Now


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If you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, chances are there is a device that will help you do just that. For example, check out the following quartet of cool gadgets and how they will help you stay abreast of what’s currently hot:

The Samsung Galaxy S8

A popular trend in smartphones is a screen that is as wide as possible; this will allow you to see photos, texts, and movies in a bigger space. Also, while fingerprint technology was the thing last year, now people are interested in facial recognition security for their smartphones. If these features sound great, you might want to check out the new Samsung Galaxy S8 from a retailer like T-Mobile. This snazzy new smartphone is definitely trend-worthy, with the world’s first Infinity Screen with a display that goes from edge to edge of the phone.


The Galaxy S8 also includes facial recognition, so you can literally open your phone with a glance. It also features many of the other bells and whistles that Samsung users love, including an IP68 water resistant rating, which allows it to survive splashes and quick dunks.

2breathe for a Better Night’s Rest

Remember when the ability to get by on virtually no sleep seemed to be cool? Those days are now definitely behind us. People are realizing the tangible benefits of enough sleep, and getting eight, nine or more hours of Z’s per night is the popular — and healthy — thing to do.

To help ensure that you get the best snooze possible, check out 2breathe, which is a smart device plus mobile app that helps you do guided breathing. 2breathe includes a respiration sensor on a chest strap, and with the help of the app, it will match up your breathing with tonal music that slows down over time; this technique can help reduce anxiety, make your exhalations longer and allow you to fall asleep quicker.

Google Home for Help Around the House

Voice-activated speakers that listen and obey our every command are incredibly popular right now. One of them is the Google Home, a speaker powered by your voice and the Google Assistant. Depending on what you want Google Home to do, you can give it permission to perform a variety of tasks that will make your day easier and less stressful.

Start out by saying “Okay Google” and go from there — asking about what your commute will be like that morning if your fave NBA team won the game last night and how late the neighborhood coffee shop stays open. If you give it access to personal data, Google Home can set alarms and timers, check your flight info and turn down the lights in your living room.


Handheld Hair Steamer Eliminates Bad Hair Days

Gone are the days when women could — or wanted to — spend tons of time on their hair. This has given rise to a number of handy devices that allow you to take care of your hair quickly and on the go. A great example is the Q-Redew, which will help you tame your tresses and make bad hair days a thing of the past. Similar to a steamer, the Q-Redew is like a humidifier that delivers warm steamy air to your hair; rather than making your hair frizzy, it gives your hairdo a kickstart to help it looking great again. On those long days when you are away from home forever and want your hair to look great for an evening meeting or dinner date, bring along the Q-Redew and step into the restroom for a quick re-do of your do.

4 girly tech gadgets that are trending right now

Do you want all four girly gadgets? I know I do!

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I want a Google home so bad! My husband brought home the Amazon dot, and it is just not the same. I love playing trivia with Google home, and it is so much easier to use!


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