the effects of depression

The Effects Of Depression


It’s a sad fact that depression is like the “elephant in the room” that some people don’t talk about. You might not realize it, but it’s a medical condition that’s affected at least 16 million individuals in the United States. For some people, depression can be a short-term problem that soon goes away. But, for others, it can stay with them for a long time, often throughout a sufferer’s lifetime.


There are many reasons why a person may suffer from depression. For example, it could be linked to a stressful or traumatic period in one’s life. Or it could even be down to a genetic issue, believe it or not. Although there is no magic cure for depression, most sufferers can manage it through a mixture of medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy.


the effects of dpression


If you feel that you may have depression, you might try to “hide” the fact and hope that it goes away. The trouble is, you can’t just make something like depression disappear. In fact, the longer you try to deny you have a problem, the worse it will get. In extreme cases, some people even take their own lives because they can’t cope with it anymore.


So, what happens if you did decide to ignore the fact you may be suffering from depression? The thing is; depression can affect a multitude of facets in your life. Here are some examples of what could happen if you don’t let anyone help you:

You start taking drugs, and you feel like you can’t stop

Smoking some pot might seem like a harmless way of dulling the pain that depression brings. But, it can often lead people to become addicted to harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Some people even drink and take drugs simultaneously on a regular basis to help them cope with their depression.

Sadly, that combination or even drugs alone brings nothing but misery and even more pain. Thanks to centers such as the ADAPT Programs Drug Rehab, it’s possible to get one’s life back on track and drug-free. Only then can a sufferer start to tackle depressive episodes in a supportive and positive environment.


You turn to the bottle to ease the pain


For a lot of people, alcohol is an easy way to forget about one’s problems in life. As you may know, drinking alcohol makes you feel less stressed out and inhibited about stuff. Many people enjoy how they transform into a different person when they’re drunk.


Of course, drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis will do plenty of bad things to your body. For a start, you will be damaging your vital organs; especially your liver. Long-term alcoholism can often lead to cancer as well And let’s not forget the financial aspect: booze isn’t cheap! It’s no surprise that some depressed people end up broke and homeless because alcohol and depression have taken over their lives.

the ffects of depression

The good news is that it’s possible to break the cycle. For instance, the NCADD helpline can be a vital first step to getting help for alcohol abuse. Following that, the reasons for one’s depression can get tackled with treatment and therapy.


You alienate those close to you

Last, but not least, many sufferers of depression find they end up pushing away the ones closest to them. It can often feel like a vicious circle, as the feeling of being alone can make a person feel more depressed and even suicidal.


I hope this article has been insightful to you today. If you’re suffering from depression, remember that you aren’t alone. Please talk to your doctor so that you can start getting the help you need.


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