wedding recption ideas

Ideas & Inspiration For A Wedding Reception That’s Fun, Unique & Memorable

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wedding reception ideas

How To Make Your Wedding Reception Awesome

When it comes to planning the most insanely amazing wedding day, an important part of it is getting the wedding reception just right. Admittedly, you could simply opt to plan a wedding reception that’s made up of eating, drinking and dancing like the good old days but is that really all you want from your big day?

 Of course, you do! Like every couple, you want your big day to be fun, memorable, and most importantly, unique. The question is how can you plan a reception that is all of those things and more? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – here’s how to plan the most incredible reception ever that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

wedding reception ideas

Make Your Decor Fun And Personal

When it comes to making your wedding reception unique, one of the most important factors is getting the decor right. You could just opt to have lots of flowers and a few candles but where’s the fun in that? Instead, what you want to do is think outside of the box and decorate your venue in a way that’s fun and personal. Say you love to travel, then why not have a travel-themed reception? Or, say you’re mad about chocolate, why not have a chocolate-themed do? For a chocolate-themed affair think chocolate fountains, chocolate-scented candles, milkshakes, ice cream – basically, everything chocolate. Remember, the more creative you can be with the decor, the better.


Unique Entertainment



Traditionally, weddings were all about the dancing but today that no longer has to be the case. A lot of weddings now have more than just dancing when it comes to entertainment, they incorporate a range of activities. For example, as well as having a dance floor, there’s often a photo booth like the ones from

There’s also games to keep the guests occupied, from spin the wheel to croquet. Some weddings even have large campfires to sit around, drink hot chocolate, and roast marshmallows on. The best weddings are the ones that are unique with their entertainment and take a creative approach to it, so don’t be afraid to do something a little different.


Don’t Be Dull With The Food And Drinks


wedding reception


A big part of any wedding reception is the refreshments, which is why you want to ensure that you get them just right. Again, creativity is key. Take your wedding theme as your starting point and then come up with some unique options for your refreshments. Say, for example, your big day is travel-themed, perhaps each course of the wedding breakfast could be inspired by a different country’s cuisine?

As for the drinks, perhaps you could serve cocktails of the world? For world cocktail ideas, sites like can be ideal. Or, what about having a pimp your prosecco station that has proseccos from around the world or prosecco cocktail recipes from around the world to try?


After spending thousands on your big day, the last thing you want is it being just another wedding reception that’s soon forgotten by your guests – you want it to be fun and memorable.

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