How To Have The Wedding Plan That’s Perfect For You

Getting married is not only the fulfillment of a dream, it is also synonymous of a lot of organization and a good sense of planning to get everything ready and perfect on time. With the length of the engagement varying from 6 months to 18 months, you can already see that the task of wedding planning will be a difficult one! But there are ways to keep your cool and plan a memorable celebration that you will remember forever. Here’s how to do it:

Put Your Planning Cap On

There are two types of wedding planning: Those who get a wedding planner to sort out the administration and logistics of it all for them, and those who do it themselves. If you belong to the latter, one thing first is: You want to start wedding planning as early as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever planning checklists that list for you the key points to create the perfect wedding celebration.

wedding planning

It is important to begin by getting used to the various concepts and visions of what a wedding can be, by visiting trading shows and researching bridal magazines and trends to keep your eyes open for what to expect. While it sounds like a simple task – after all, all you have to do is read a few magazines – this is absolutely essential because this is what will determine what you like and dislike about the celebration.

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Then, your second important step of your wedding plan will be to work out your budget, which can be supported by your families. This will also help shape the type of day this is going to be. Don’t worry if the budget is not as significant as you hoped: There are plenty of ways of creating a wonderful wedding day with a small budget!

Get The Personal Touches Ready

Some couples find it hard to imagine that a wedding requires a lot of DIY because they imagine that the core of the wedding plan is to avoid all the handmade element of it. This is where they go wrong. A wedding is a very personal engagement, and it is important to show to your guests that every single one of them matters to your special day. There are ways to build this feeling, and you will soon find out that spending a few minutes with each guest on your big day is going to be impossible.

However, you can rely on handmade wedding invitations or thank you notes for keeping things friendly and personal for your guests. If your budget allows, guestbooks and guest memories are always appreciated, as they will let your guests play a role in your celebration by leaving you a note of congratulations.

Some couples plans include hanging an empty frame in which guests take their own picture and leave a note under it to wish the happy couple all the best. This is a way of giving freedom of expression to personal words that wouldn’t have been heard otherwise.

Make It A Themed Wedding

Why should you marry in white when you can choose to marry in a bohemian style, or maybe in a 1950s dress? There is no limit to your imagination, as long as you keep your guests informed if they are required to bring a certain piece of clothing with them. More and more couples opt for a themed wedding party, with topics as varied as Dr. Who or even Game of Throne, so you can go wild on this one!

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We all want the perfect Wedding and that’s why a wedding plan is so necessary. I hope this helped you with ideas to make your wedding reflect the love and personality you share.


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