how to be your own wedding planner

How To Be Your Own Wedding Planner And Rock The Big Day!

How to be your own wedding planner
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The DIY Wedding Planner Guide

Planning a wedding can be hard going. Especially if you haven’t organized a big event like that before. That is why a lot of people use the services of a wedding planner to make the whole thing a lot less stressful. But what if you can’t afford the services of a professional to help you plan your wedding?

That means you have to end up being your own wedding planner and deal with all the stresses yourself. But there are ways of getting the perfect wedding without feeling like your want to tear your hair out. Read on to find out more.



So, if you are looking for a stress-free, self-planned wedding, the first thing you need to get sorted is the venue. Of course, you will want to pick somewhere that is attractive and pleasant as a space in which to have your ceremony and party. But if you are looking to minimize the amount of stress possible, you also need to find a place where they offer all inclusive packages.


That means that the ceremony, the food, and the drinks are all included in the price that you pay. This is so vital because you will have one point of contact with the venue and that person will coordinate everything else. So they almost become a surrogate wedding/event planner for the day.

How to be your own wedding planner

Dealing with one person makes things loads easier, as they will have records of all the choices you have made, and you don’t have to waste time chasing differ vendors to make sure everything is right.

Some places even work with recommended decorators and cake makers, to complete their package. That removes even, more stress for you, as, again the venue will deal with most of the logistics in getting everything sorted. So you are free to focus on the important things like booking the honeymoon.




how to be your own wedding planner


A lot of time, stress and effort can go into the planning and making of wedding favors. But cut the hassle by getting rid of them entirely. To do this have a ‘sit where you want’ seating plan for when you serve the food.

Or if you simply must have them, buy ones that are ready made. This will limit the number of things you have to organize and do, before the big day.


Guest Information

Something else that can be stressful when getting married is making sure that all of your guests have the right information about the day. Otherwise, they can inundate you will calls and text in the run up to the event.



Get around this by providing all the info they will need on a card in the invite or on a wedding website that they can look up at any time. The information you provide them with should include the venue location, the day’s timings, and the menu choices. As well as what to do about gifts.

How to be your own wedding planner


Gifts can be a tricky issue in themselves, especially if you are not totally sure what you want. Remember, though, it is always best to supply some wedding gift ideas, to stop people going off piste with their selections.

Making your big day is important and sometimes to save money we have to be our own wedding planner. I hope this post helped you with the details. Be Happy!

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