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Wedding Planning Tips: Do I Need A Bridal Back-Up Plan?

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bridal backup planThe Bridal Back-Up Plan

The chances are the closer you get to your wedding the more bad dreams you’ll probably start to have. Previous brides have said they dreamed of turning up to the ceremony only to have no one there! It’s very normal for your mind to run the ‘disaster movie’ scenario but remember as long as everything’s ready everything will be more, or less, ok!

Dream Dress

While we’re not suggesting that you buy more than one dress, although some brides certainly do, it’s quite normal to experience ‘dress regret’ at the last minute! We know it’s difficult when you have no idea if your groom, friends, and family will love it as much as you do. Focus on the details that you love, if you’re not sure ask a trusted friend or family member for a second opinion but check they can keep a secret first! Have your maid of honor carry a mini sewing kit so you don’t worry about any loose buttons, trailing threads or snapping your bodice straps.

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Tippy Toes


While those sky high jewel encrusted ivory heels look amazing you need to be able to walk in them for around nine hours, if not more, or have a pair of fluffy Ugg boots you can pop on when no one’s looking! Practice walking around the house because if you can’t stand up without wobbling, you’ll need to swap them for a pair of kitten heels. Grab a pair of gel soles to reduce rubbing, or blisters and consider some heels grips if they’re a tiny bit loose because while you may feel like Cinderella, you don’t want to be losing any glass, or leather slippers half way up the aisle.


Managing Mother Nature

Even if the last month has been full of sunshine, light winds, and gorgeous sunsets you’ve got to prepare for the fact that it could be lovely one minute and a full on thunderstorm the next!


It’s the one thing you’ve got no control over, but it’s also the issue that can cause the most problems. Speak to your wedding planner, and make sure that they liaise with the other wedding vendors to make sure everyone knows what Plan B is should the outdoor ceremony not go ahead. Have white umbrellas on standby if it looks wet, or find a spare pair of shoes to change into and assign bridesmaids to train carrying duty.

bridal back-up plan

Beauty Box


Whether it’s blowing a gale, lightly drizzling or indeed blazing hot weather will have an effect on your wedding hair and makeup. Not only that but you’ll be kissing quite a few people on the cheek, tears are likely even if you aren’t normally a big crier and you may find yourself getting more than a little sweaty if you’re nervous!


Before you think about spare lip gloss, waterproof mascara and shine blotting sheets don’t forget about a good spray or roll on deodorant that’ll last well into the late evening at least. Your maid of honor or chief bridesmaid should also carry your beauty essentials i.e. perfume, mascara, foundation, blush, lipstick, a compact mirror, hairspray, and hairpins.

We always need a bridal back up plan and I hope these tips help!



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