Wedding Planning With Your Future Mate: A Stress-Free Guide

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bride-1837148_640A Guide To Wedding Planning Without Stress

This should be the best day of your life, unfortunately ,it can get so stressful. I know, I have had two weddings and the first one got way out of control because of our well-meaning family members. It should be the two of you. Here is a guide to planning your special day with your future mate.


How To Include Your Partner In Wedding Planning

When you are planning your wedding, it’s easy to be led astray by other people. After all, your mom and mother in law will both have huge opinions on your big day. And when you get swept up in wedding planning, your partner will often feel left out. It could even cause trouble between the two of you before you get hitched!

Therefore, before you do any wedding planning, you need to sit down with your partner and talk about your day. After all, if you have some important points to stick to, it’s less likely your wedding will go wayward! Therefore, here are some questions to discuss with your partner when planning your big day, so you get hitched without an itch!

Wedding Planning

Do You Want A Small Wedding?

Some people love to be surrounded by all their friends and family, while others prefer a small gathering. Therefore, sit down with your partner and decide on the size of your wedding.

Let your other half have their say, so you both can be happy on the day. You might want to write a list of people who you want to come so that you have a number in mind. Once you have a number, stick to this. It will stop your mom inviting people you don’t even know!


Will You Need Help Planning The Day?

One thing you need to talk to your partner about is whether you want someone to plan your big day. You both might be busy and will need to hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding. Or you might both want to plan the day yourself. After all, you can find ideas online on sites such as to help you plan your wedding day. And it means only your ideas will make the final cut.

Are There Any Special Things You Want To Add?



When you get busy with wedding planning, your partner often doesn’t get much of a say. Therefore, you need to ask him at the start if there is anything particular thing he wants to add to the wedding day.





For example, it might mean a lot to him if you go for a particular color. Or your partner might have a preference on a cuisine for the wedding breakfast. Speak with him about what matters most, so that you don’t go off route when wedding planning!


The Wedding Party

It’s best to talk to your other half about the wedding party straight away. After all, you don’t want to ask someone to be bridesmaid who they hate. And you don’t want a best man who is unreliable. Therefore, agree on the wedding party together so that there are no complaints later on.

Make sure you both are happy with the wedding destination. After all, it’s a special day for you both. You can look online to find a destination you love. For example, look on to find wonderful wedding venues around the world! And ensure you choose a date for the big day that means something to you both!

Wedding Planning is stressful but you have to be sure it’s about the two of you and wedding planning with your mate is a great way to start your life together in harmony.

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GiGi Eats

For me, wedding planning really wasn’t very stressful at all. I think I was stressed for many 4 days out of the whole almost YEAR I was planning. I definitely think the WEDDING PLANNER helped with that a ton!!!!

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