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weekly-1Defining Sexual Assault

Welcome back to My Weekly Thought. A weekly descent into the musings of an over-active mind. This week since the news has been all about the man who escaped any punishment for a rape he committed and it has aroused much thought in my mind about Sexual Assault on Women. I recently read another article alluding to the idea  that there are occasions that it is not all as cut and dry as we think.

sexual assault

I wasn’t surprised, as a matter of fact, it hardly even spiked a reaction from me that yet another predator escaped justice. That is the saddest commentary on the subject. Truth is, you can get a life sentence for a drug charge and barely if any, jail time for Rape. Usually, it is the victim who is punished ,if we are totally honest.

Even more disturbing is how often it goes unreported or is swept away as unimportant like we saw with the Duggars.


My Sexual Assault

If you asked most Women, many would have a story to tell. Most people like to believe it is that creepy guy lurking but in most cases,  it’s someone you know. I was 18 and at a party in a house full of people.  Too much to drink and passed out only to woke to be touched sexually by a middle-aged man who was a friend of my mother.

It was confusing for me at the time because there was no penetration I convinced myself I hadn’t been raped. I spent the rest of the night just wandering around town because I left my keys there and I didn’t want to tell my mom. That is the problem right there of course. The next day I went back to the house to get my keys and the males friends who were at the party thought it was funny, even made jokes.

Sexual Assault to this day is not taken as seriously as it should be nor is it clearly defined or taught properly to both males and females.

Sex Education

Not enough is being taught on sex education in general. Or what sexual assault truly means. We send such mixed messages to boys. We tell them to be aggressive instead of assertive. Teaching” no mean no” is great but not the end of the conversation. Shouldn’t we also teach them to read signals? Shouldn’t we teach them how to tell when a woman is aroused?  How to tell she isn’t into it?

Rape is about power and control.  I also wonder how many Sexual Assaults happen when things just go too far, when a young man doesn’t understand there’s a problem. When he is so caught up in his desires.  He doesn’t see what he is doing.

Surely teaching boys at a young age to respect women is important. It would be nice to also make them understand  the fact that they are stronger physically carries the weight of responsibility. We should be teaching them  because they are stronger, they are responsible for protecting women and anyone with less strength than they have.

As women, we could be more vocal about what we do and don’t want. This generation really excels more in this department. We have the right to say at any given time that we don’t want to. Many don’t really understand that you can walk away at any time.


Laws really need work and  we need to be louder about it. Demand more Justice. Teach our children to value each other more. Teach them to be vocal and open about Sexuality and the Responsibility that comes with it. To read body language and be in tune with the other person. No one has the right to take your power from you.


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Brutally honest. I think most women are victims and the saddest part is what makes them victims is their inability to speak out. Speaking out at least to relieve some of the burden, if not to seek justice. I could never seek justice but sharing did help.


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