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Dating Trends

Dating can be fun but it can also be hard. All of the unknowns can drive you over the edge. I recently stumbled across a few popular trends in dating today. Some are a little disturbing if I’m honest. When I dated I tended to think I was more like a man than a woman.

I am a very direct person. I say what I think and head games were just never my thing. Both Men and Women play them, it’s almost a given in dating. That part of it really annoyed me. I often wished people would just be honest. If they just aren’t into you, they should say so but that isn’t what’s happening.

dating trends


Have you been ghosted? Ghosting is when one day said person, just erases you from their life. No notice, no goodbye, just nothing. It seems like High School behavior to me. I suppose we have all done this in some way. We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings but trust me this hurts more. The not knowing can be torture.



This I hate hate hate! Benching is when someone puts you to the side and will keep in touch with you barely as a fallback.

They don’t really want you but it’s better than nothing at all. Never be someone’s part-time or sometimes.


When you meet someone and you haven’t heard from them in a few days, you probably won’t. Men especially have no problem going after what they want. If a woman likes you odds are you will know right away. If they want you, truly want you , they won’t leave you dangling on a hook and you shouldn’t undervalue yourself.




This is a weird one and kind of seems like torture. Say you’ve been broken up for a while and all of a sudden he or she starts liking your stuff on Social Media and maybe you think they are into you again, don’t. It’s another head game because that’s it apparently they then disappear. Maybe it’s an ego booster thing.

All of these new not so new trends are just cruel and if it has happened to you don’t wait around. If you are guilty of this, keep in mind , people have feelings and the bigger person shows respect and integrity.


Mobile Dating

Apparently, Online Dating is out and Mobile Dating is in. This is great and what’s easier than finding people of similar values and interests right from your phone. I have to also mention to use caution because of the liars out there.

Here are a few apps we like right now:

Coffee Meets Bagel: Sends you one match a day and you have 24 hours to decide if you want to like or pass. The match disappears after that.

Hinge: Is interesting because it connects you with your Facebook friends and shows you friends of friends you might be interested in and things you have in common.

Tastebuds: An app that connects you to others through the music you prefer


Singles State To State

I recently saw a list of what singles in different Cities and States are interested in and looking for. Here is a small taste.

  • Seattle: Nerds to Nerd
  • San Francisco: Friends
  • Denver and Chicago: Casual Sex
  • NYC and Atlanta: Interracial Relationships
  • Florida: Fitness
  • Los Angeles: Serious Relationships
  • Kentucky: Single Parents

In conclusion, be kind to yourself and don’t wait around for someone or let anyone treat you as less than you deserve.



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there are definitely lots of different ways to date these days. Makes me happy I met my husband many years ago and in January will celebrate 30 years of marriage

Sarah Prince

I haven’t been dating since before college, and even then it was only the old fashioned boy picks up girl for dinner and a movie sort of thing. But I love a lot of the more creative ideas that are coming about.

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

Oh my word! Zombie-ing, ghosting! I absolutely shudder at the thought of ever having to enter the dating world again. Online is the way to go but it is such a different ball game and different rules apply.


Well written. It indeed has changed.


I’m so glad I’m out of the dating game. It’s serious out here. Especially in Atlanta. Women are becoming more aggressive because there are less straight, single (black) men and it’s go to be tough! Mobile dating seems like it might be kind of fun. Just have to watch out for those cat fishers! The state to state thing is interesting.

Aish Das-Padihari

I hate benching too. Its like you are kind of a floater in their life. When they don’t have anyone else, they turn on to you for fun. Another thing I don’t like is, getting quiet on you. Communication should be clear and in abundance, no?


Learned an new word to day on your blog “zombie-ing” was not aware about it . Its really important to about new trends in any thing and if it is about dating you want more and more of it.

Michael Noker

I had a guy ghost me mid-conversation and then zombie me on Facebook. Then he found me in a very large crowd a month later. He said, “This is crazy, huh?” and then proceeded to stand next to me, silently, for about 15 minutes before I made my escape. Now I guess he’s engaged and just moved to Mexico. Fun guy, that one.


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