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Winter Fashion: A Buying Guide

Time to dig out the cold weather wear! Even here in the South, it’s getting chilly. I am really not for the colder weather but I do love my boots. Many times we don’t really think about being fashion savvy when we are shivering, just want to be warm.

I feel ya, I am famous for the big, ugly coat but it’s more than possible to have both. We all want to look good and there are a few Winter staples we need in our closet. As an Amazon Affiliate ,I took the work out of it for you. I found some things I think every woman needs.

The Fashion Essentials For Winter



Nothing keeps you warm like a hat! Some don’t like to wear them because they mess up your hair or maybe you think they don’t look good with your hair style. I have been there since my hair has been every possible length and style you could imagine. Curly hair can be a problem too because it tends to be puffier. The best hat style I have found for every style is a loose- knitted beanie.


I love Scarves! How could you not? They add flash and class to every outfit. There are so many different types out there and I will be the first to admit, I don’t like tying them. So the Infinity Scarf has always been my go-to because it’s already connected and what’s easier than that?



There are so many coats to choose from and really you can find a great coat for any body type. I personally like a long coat and voila that is what is in style this year. You will likely be seeing them everywhere. Fur Accents are very much in style this year.  Styles I am also in love with are Bomber Jackets!



Leggings And Long Sweaters

I love leggings but I am gonna get real here, they really aren’t pants and the way some wear them makes me cringe. I believe they look best paired with something longer that covers the behind. What I do love is the different styles of leggings available now. Leather look leggings are amazing and so sexy. I have always love Long Sweaters that hug and drape the curves.


Boots! Boots! Boots!

If you didn’t know it I am totally obsessed with boots and they are a necessary winter fashion staple! I love how they look and how they feel. I find the structure in boots to be more comfortable than pretty much every shoe. Tall boots, Ankle Boots, Thigh High, I love them all and I will be honest I have 13 pairs. Boots look amazing with just about everything and there is nothing warmer than Uggs or similarly lined boots. This year the Ankle Booties seem to be trending, especially Velvet.


So there you have it. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish with the right pieces. There is always time for fashion and looking your best. I hope you enjoy my picks. What Winter Fashion do you love?

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