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Sticks And Stones: A Woman’s Guide To Bone Health


bone healthBone Health For Women

It’s true, sticks and stones can really hurt your bones, along with a lot of other things. Like being in a car accident, not lifting with your needs, or taking a fall on some ice. That is why it important to take the best care of them that you can. But to do that you need to be as educated about bone health as possible, so keep reading to ‘bone up’ on the subject!


What are bones?

Now, this might seem like a crazy question, as well have bones! But in fact, not many folks really know much about them, apart from the fact that they are the things that provide structure to our body.

For example, do you know that bones are made up of two different types of materials? The first is the cortical bone, which is the outer shell. The second is the trabecular bone which is the mesh, or honeycomb-like structure that provides the strength to support the body.


Why are they important?

bone health
So now you know what your bones are made of, let’s go over why they are so vital to your well being. Well, first of all without them we would have a pretty tough time moving around.

We would also look pretty different as they provide the structure on which the rest of our body is based. Also, they also support and protect all of our internal organs so they can work properly and continue to work, even if we do get in an accident. So as you can see, they are pretty vital.

bone health

Bone Diseases

But your bones are at risk of certain issues that can cause you problems from pain to mobility issues, and sometimes even more serious stuff. One such issue is broken bones. They might be caused by being involved in an accident, having a fall, or playing a sport. But they are undoubtedly one of the most common forms of bone health problem that doctors come across.

bone health


A hairline fracture is usually the easier to treat as the bone remains in its proper position, and just needs to be set. However, breaks where the bone has moved significantly, such as when they pierce the skin, can need further treatment because of the extent of damage that needs to be repaired.


Another issue is osteoporosis which is when the bones in the body lose their density. This can make them very vulnerable to breakages, as well as compression injuries which can cause a lot of pain.

Most medical professionals recommend preventive care, rather than treatment, although some have found that taking supplements such as calcium can help reverse the symptoms. Check out the AlgaeCal reviews on Amazon for examples of people that have used this to good effect.

Bone Cancer

Lastly, another serious health issue that can affect the bones is osteosarcoma or bone cancer. This is when the bone itself become cancerous. It is a fairly rare form of cancer, though, and it can be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy when it’s discovered.

Taking Care of your bones and good Bone Health is essential to women as we are more susceptible to Osteoporosis.

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Bren Pace

Good stuff, Heidi! The older we get the more fragile we get. I learned this the hard way last week when I took at tumble at work. Yeah, my new and finger are a hot mess!

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